High quality bias binding in a thousand and one colours and patterns

At Byetsa we have been dedicated to the manufacture of bias binding since 1969 with passion, innovation and technology. We have our headquarters in Manresa, Barcelona, and from there we distribute throughout the continent. We are proud of our pioneering tradition and our products are also recognised because they stand out in a world of the same or similar products. 

Our catalogue of coloured elastic bias binding enriches our extensive range. We guarantee that you will find the right product in our catalogue, with bright and safe colours, unique, varied and creative designs.

colourful elastic bias binding catalogue

Quality and variety: common denominators of our coloured elastic bias binding catalogue

Our company’s rigorous and high quality standards are designed to avoid even the slightest divergence of colours in each batch, giving you the assurance that your final product and series will be as reliable as your initial design. Buying wholesale elastic bias binding from Byetsa is synonymous with quality assurance. 

Through our expertise and the large investment in automation and computerisation of processes throughout Byetsa‘s history, we are able to ensure and maintain quality at every stage of manufacture. All this in addition to permanent quality controls.

What is so special about our elastic bias binding?

colourful elastic bias binding catalogue

Our elastic bias binding is brightly coloured and follows the requirements of fashion and the season. At Byetsa we have a team that constantly analyses the needs of the market and when we detect a need, we work to meet it. The same happened with the evolution of fabrics with elastane. We were able to detect the trend very early on and today it is a must-have in the pret à porter, sportswear and lingerie industry.

Byetsa‘s design laboratory developed what is now a raw material for both the large-scale textile industry and retail haberdashery: a delicately soft and highly resistant tape made of 97 % cotton and 3 % elastane with an elasticity of more than 20 %. Its virtues put Byetsa’s elastic bias binding far above similar products such as Lycra or other elastics on the market, which have a lower elasticity.

Byetsa’s catalogue of coloured elastic bias binding

Byetsa’s catalogue of bias binding tapes is growing year after year to adapt to the needs of the market without forgetting the basic and classic products. Our range of bias binding defined as elastic is characterised by having a higher percentage of elasticity compared to the rest, as all bias binding has a point of elasticity because that is its raison d’être.

We have elastic bias binding available in haberdashery and industrial formats in 20 different colours.

  • Haberdashery: profiled bias bindings and bias bindings with elastic edge are available in 25-metre rolls.

  • Industrial: cut, profiled and live bias binding available in different sizes.

At Byetsa we want to be your reliable bias binding supplier!

That’s why we are more and more committed: our range and types of bias binding tapes, with elastic core, are guaranteed to be washed at 40 degrees and have an ironing point. These valuable details turn our products into articles that make a real difference in the market and in the world of competition.

Our team of advisors will contact you to answer any questions you may have. Regardless of your sector or purchase volumes, our Customer Service Department will be at your disposal. We only ask you to fill in the form with your details that you will find in our menu.

You can also call us on 93 874 40 98 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. Byetsa has more than fifty years of history and experience and we are at your entire disposal to solve a problem or help you improve your design through the quality of our elastic bias binding.