Our cotton bias tapes

If you are looking for a roll of tape with cotton bias, without any doubt, in Byetsa we have what you require. Following the high demand of customers in the European Union, we have been developing a range of cotton products of excellent quality for some time.

In Byetsa we are distributors of bias tapes with a long professional career. Due to this extensive experience, we can offer you rolls made with our 100% cotton or mixed with polyester, always guaranteeing a perfect application.

In case you need to get hold of rolls of cotton tape, we show you everything we can offer you. 

What are the most demanded rolls of cotton bias ribbons?

Our wholesale 100% cotton bias ribbons are the most demanded by our European customers. However, not all of them are used for the same applications.

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100% cotton bias

100% cotton bias ribbons have become the most appreciated. Its application, above all, focuses on garments made for the little ones. In fact, they can be worn on T-shirts, pants, caps, or even school robes.

The most common widths and cuts

In Byetsa, we can offer you profiling bias of cotton in the most common widths of the market. That is, 12, 18, 25 and 30 mm. However, we also have other widths that adapt to the needs of each type of client.

On the other hand, the bias cut or flat is also another of the most demanded due to its application with direct funnel to machines. The live with cord, in tone or contrast, is also another of the most used.

At Byetsa, we guarantee you the highest quality in all our cotton bias tapes

rollo cinta al bies algodón

One of the things that you cannot ignore is that choosing the rolls of Byetsa cotton bias tape is betting on the highest quality because one of our maxims is to always be aware of the quality controls of our fabrics.

To accomplish this, we subject them to rigorous controls that have been specifically designed both to identify and avoid problems such as divergences in colour or tonality. 

Only in this way can we offer and guarantee the highest quality. All this, in addition, we carry out thanks to perfectionism and the demand of our quality control department.

Batista line: the most demanded cotton and polyester bias ribbons

The Batista line by Byetsa stands out for offering cotton and polyester bias tapes, with a perfect blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This combination has positioned this line as a benchmark in the market, being one of the most sought-after for its quality and versatility.

The smoothness and natural texture provided by the blend of these two materials make the tapes from the Batista line ideal for a wide range of applications.

These are the main features of this line

The features of the Batista line do not stop at its balanced composition. Not using textured polyester threads ensures a more natural and authentic finish, something highly valued by customers.

The range of available widths, including popular measurements such as 12, 18, 25, and 30 mm, allows users to select the perfect dimension for their specific needs, ensuring greater customization and adaptability of the product.

Byetsa also stands out in this line for offering corded piping and bias tapes cut with millimetric precision, highlighting the company’s ability to provide highly customized products that meet the expectations and requirements of its customers.

One of the most notable aspects of the Batista line, and Byetsa’s cotton bias tapes in general, is the impressive variety of available colors.

With a palette of over 120 shades, customers have the freedom to choose exactly the color they need, allowing for even greater customization.

This commitment to color diversity and customization underscores Byetsa’s dedication to meeting the specific needs of each customer.

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Furthermore, Byetsa places special emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. All dyeing processes take place in Barcelona, within the European Union, following strict guidelines aimed at minimizing the carbon footprint.

This focus on sustainability not only reflects Byetsa’s commitment to the environment but also ensures that the products are of the highest quality and produced ethically.

We work with an infinite variety of colors and tailor to your needs

Another standout feature of both the Batista line and the rest of the cotton bias tape rolls is their colors. At Byetsa, we offer more than 120 shades for you to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs.

As a noteworthy detail, all our dyeing processes take place within the European Union, in Barcelona. At Byetsa, we are committed to sustainability, and for this reason, all our production processes adhere to guidelines aimed at reducing the carbon footprint.

As a Byetsa customer, when choosing your roll of cotton bias tape, you will have the opportunity to get the shade that best suits your needs. Our greatest satisfaction is providing you with the bias tape you require. If you have any requests, you can contact us by calling +34 93 874 40 98 or writing to [email protected].