Applications of tape to bias binding with cord

The tape to the bias binding with cord, lamé or satin is no secret for Byetsa. Our company has been offering a wide variety of tapes to the bias for years, specifically we have more than fifty years of history, hence our extensive and extensive experience. Thanks to this, we are one of the best existing manufacturers in the market, with a good supply of demand and a wide variety of products.

The fundamental values that sustain the day to day of our company are quality, the vocation of service and the sustainable production of bias bindings. All these years we have researched, and new technologies have allowed us to evolve and incorporate new methods into our know-how. We have become one of the leading companies in the sector, standing out for the manufacture of bias bindings traditionally, which has allowed the improvement of production lines and our increase in orders.

The tapes to the bias can be both for sewing by machine and to be able to develop this activity manually. This type of profiled tapes are used specifically for the finishing or trimming in clothing, belts or bags. They are also useful to adapt the different fabrics to be able to carry out new crafts such as scrap booking, design the decoration of your home or to retouch more outdated headbands and renew them.

tape to the bias binding with cord

All about the bias bindings with cord

tape to the bias binding with cord

Our bias ribbon with cotton cord of the BATISTA line is available in basic colours and can be used for cutting and tailoring work, finishes on cushions, bedspreads and curtains, flamenco costumes and create that flight in the skirt, etc. In addition, it can be used in different crafts (sewing workshops, different designs, dressmakers …) and create accessory elements for your perfect outfit.

The bias bindings with cord for the industrial sector works with all kinds of textile pieces. In Byetsa we have specialized in all types of bias bindings with cord, in addition, our system is fully automated with different production processes of bieses for industrial sewing. In this way, it is being possible to meet all the demand and the needs of the industrial sector can be met.

How do we manufacture the tape to the bias bindings with cord?

Placing the cord on the tape to the bias bindings is basic, all that is needed is our tape to the bias and a cord to develop it. Once we have the cord in the place we want, we must fold the bias tape in half. In this way, the cord remains in the inner area and using a visible zipper press we pass a straight and wide seam well attached to the cord. Ideally, the colour of the thread should be equal to that of the background fabric so that it looks as little as possible.

Proposals of tape to the bias with cord in Vichy, Lamé or Satin

  • Vichy Bias: they are a completely safe bet, a classic. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the three types of existing designs are: vichy frame, vichy mini frame and vichy stripes.

  • Satin bias: this is one of the most elegant and sophisticated tapes. Its smooth structure provides a very silky and pleasant touch when passing the hand. In addition, its bright and delicate appearance should be highlighted. About the composition of the fabric, it is made of 100% polyester.

  • Lamé bias: this type is characterized by being used in the manufacture of lurex threads in particular. This is because they give it greater brightness and a very elegant air.

The bias tape with Byetsa cord is a reference in the fashion sectors

In our company, the same importance is given to large companies in the textile industry as to small workshops and garment makers. In the same way, we take the quality control of our fabrics very seriously through rigorous controls specifically designed to identify and avoid any possible divergence of colour or tonality in all our factory batches.

tape to the bias binding with cord

Customers place their trust in us and at Byetsa we work conscientiously to be up to the task. That is why we have become a benchmark. For this reason, more and more brands are joining and deciding to buy our bieses in bulk.

We guarantee a safe bet for our bieses for textile and clothing garments.

Do you want additional information about our tapes to the bias?

You may still have doubts about everything that has been exposed, or prefer to learn more about our tapes to the bias. If you want to receive much closer and completely personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us through the mail [email protected] or by calling 93.874.40.98. It will be a pleasure to assist you!