Applications of bias tape with cord

Bias tape with cord, made of lamé or satin, is no secret to Byetsa. Our company has been offering a wide variety of bias tapes for many years, specifically boasting over fifty years of history, hence our extensive and extensive experience. Thanks to this, we are one of the top manufacturers in the market, with a strong demand and a wide variety of products.

The core values that underpin our company’s daily operations are quality, service orientation, and sustainable bias tape production. Throughout these years, we have conducted research, and new technologies have allowed us to evolve and incorporate new methods into our know-how. We have become one of the leading companies in the sector, standing out for our traditional bias tape manufacturing, which has led to improvements in our production lines and an increase in our order volume.

Bias tapes can be used for both machine sewing and for engaging in this activity manually. This type of bias tapes is specifically used for finishing or edging on clothing, belts, or bags. They are also useful for adapting various fabrics in order to create new crafts such as scrapbooking, designing home decor, or revamping older headbands to give them a fresh look.

bias tape with cord

Everything about bias tape with cord

bias tape with cord

Our bias tape with cotton cord from the BATISTA line is available in basic colors and can be used for cutting and sewing projects, finishing on cushions, quilts, and curtains, flamenco dresses, and creating that flare in skirts, etc.

Furthermore, it can be used in various crafts (sewing workshops, different designs, dressmakers…) and create accessory elements for your perfect outfit. The bias tape with cord for the industrial sector works with all types of textile pieces.

At Byetsa, we have specialized in all kinds of bias tapes with cord, in addition our system is fully automated with various production processes for bias tapes in industrial sewing. In this way, we are able to meet the entire demand and fulfill the needs of the industrial sector.

How do we make bias tape with cord?

Bias tape with cord is an essential component in the textile industry, used to create attractive details in garments, accessories, and decorative elements for the home. At Byetsa, the production of bias tape with cord involves a process that combines technical precision with a careful selection of materials. Here, we provide you with a detailed insight into how this process is carried out.

  • Material Selection: The choice of bias tape and cord is crucial to achieve a high-quality end product. At Byetsa, we carefully select high-quality tapes and durable cords that harmonize in color and texture.

  • Preparation of Cord and Bias Tape: Placing the cord into the bias tape is a delicate art. First, we ensure that the cord is in the exact position we desire, ensuring uniformity along the length of the tape.

  • Folding and Positioning: The bias tape is folded in half, ensuring that the cord is placed within the inner area. This folding must be done with precision to avoid any folds or wrinkles.

  • Sewing and Details: Using a visible zipper foot, we sew a straight and wide stitch close to the cord. Ideally, the thread color should match that of the background fabric, allowing the stitching to blend in subtly and elegantly. This step requires skill and attention to detail to ensure that the stitching is even and snug against the cord.

  • Quality Control: Each bias tape with cord goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure it meets Byetsa’s standards. We verify the uniformity, tension, alignment, and overall aesthetics of the tape.

  • Applications and Uses: Applications and Uses: The bias tape with cord manufactured by Byetsa is used in a wide range of applications, from haute couture clothing to accessories and interior decoration. The addition of cord brings a touch of sophistication and elegance, elevating the design to a new level.

At Byetsa, the manufacturing process of bias tape with cord is not just a technical method, but an expression of craftsmanship and excellence in design. Each step is carefully considered and executed, resulting in a product that reflects dedication and a passion for quality.

Bias tape proposals with Vichy, Lame, or Satin cord.

Vichy bias tape

Vichy bias tapes represent a safe bet in the world of fashion and design, maintaining their relevance as a timeless classic. The three main designs, each with a distinctive character, are: vichy check, a pattern of regular-sized checks; vichy mini check, a more delicate and subtle version of the checks, and vichy stripes, which feature elegant and neat lines.

These prints offer stylistic diversity, being versatile for various applications, from clothing to accessories and home decorations. We have a wide range of proposals for this type of bias tape, as we consider it a completely timeless classic.

Bies de Vichy
bies de lame

Lame bias tape

Lame bias tape stands out as one of the most elegant and sophisticated options in the textile realm. Its smooth structure not only provides a silky and pleasant touch when handled but also reflects a luxurious appearance due to its delicate shine.

Furthermore, its shiny and refined look makes it the perfect choice for embellishing garments or decorations that require a touch of elegance. Manufactured with 100% polyester, satin bias tape is durable and resilient, maintaining its beauty over time.

Its versatility and superior quality make it ideal for both high-fashion projects and exquisite home details.

Satin Bias Tape

El Satin bias tape is renowned for its specialized use in tailoring with lurex threads, which give it an unparalleled shine and an extremely elegant air.

The incorporation of these metallic threads creates a unique texture, reflecting light and adding a glamorous touch to any garment or accessory.

Its distinctive and luxurious appearance makes it a popular choice in festive fashion, evening gowns, or any design that requires a touch of sophistication. Lame bias tape is not only aesthetic but also adds durability, ensuring that the garment maintains its beauty and function over time.”

como coser cinta al bies

Byetsa’s bias tape with cord is a true reference in the fashion sectors.

Byetsa’s bias tape with cord has emerged as an essential reference in various fashion sectors, encompassing large textile industry companies as well as small workshops and garment makers. At Byetsa, the importance doesn’t lie in the size of the client, but in the quality and satisfaction that we can provide them.

We continuously strive for quality control of our fabrics, implementing rigorous checks and procedures specifically designed to identify and prevent any potential color or tonal variations in all our fabric batches. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a consistency and product uniformity that is crucial in the world of fashion.

bias tape with cord

The trust our clients place in us is not taken lightly; at Byetsa, we work with integrity and dedication to meet their expectations and needs. Our reputation as a leader in the field of bias tapes has not been accidental, but rather the result of years of commitment to excellence and innovation.

This commitment has led more and more brands to join us and choose to buy our bias tapes wholesale. We offer a variety of options designed to fit a wide range of applications in textile manufacturing and clothing. We assure you a secure choice with our bias tapes, as every product that comes out of Byetsa carries the promise of quality and elegance.

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