One of the most used elements in the textile industry is, undoubtedly, the tape to the bias to the thread. This is a ribbon that they have cut in a diagonal direction regarding the weft and warp of the fabric, that is, diagonal regarding the edges, so it has more flexibility than a strip that has been cut parallel to the edge. 

In Byetsa, we make our tapes to the bias to the thread in very narrow stripes. The fibres of the fabric are 45º from the length of the strip, in this way we provide more elasticity and fluidity to the product. It is a technique that greatly facilitates both its application in straight and curved lines. 

What is the tape to the bias to the thread?

The tape to the bias to the thread is a strip of fabric that has been cut diagonally with respect to the direction of the threads that are forming the material. It is used in haberdashery to adorn or to reinforce the edge of something. In addition, it offers great flexibility and resistance, and allows it to adapt to the material at the time of sewing, avoiding in a certain way that wrinkles or folds occur. Its main use is to stabilize the edges in sewing works.

What are the bias tapes for?

The tapes to the bias can be both for sewing by machine and to be able to develop this activity manually. This type of profiled tape are mainly characterized by the softness and foldability they can be. And that is why they are used specifically for the finish or trim in clothing, belts or bags. 

They are also responsible for adapting the different fabrics to be able to carry out new crafts such as scrapbooking, design the decoration of your home or to renew headbands. 

tape to the bias to the thread

What does the quality of the types of sewing for bias tapes depend on?

The quality of the types of sewing depends on three fundamental elements: 

  • 1. Seam size. It is measured by the depth, length, and width of the seam.

  • 2. Seam sliding force. It is the amount of force needed to remove a total of 1/4 of the opposite sets of threads perpendicular to the seam line.

  • 3. Sewing force. It refers to the force required to open the seam.

At Byetsa, we work and market a wide range of prints on organic cotton fabrics. All our bias tapes are created with fabrics free of harmful substances such as lead or arsenic, so we make sure that the little ones are not at risk. In addition, all of them have the OEKO-TEX guarantee.

Tape to the bias to the industrial thread: which sectors use it?

Within the world of fashion, fashionable clothes, home, consumer and textiles, Byetsa has managed to differentiate itself by becoming one of the best suppliers of industrial tapes. New technologies and the most current trends have always allowed us to get to know and adapt to the needs of our customers, both for large brands and small workshops. 

Our bias tapes are present in countless lines and very diverse sectors. We have managed to expand our production for a wide variety of customers who are fully willing to buy bieses in bulk. This is because we are specialists in the manufacture of bias tapes, in different models and very original styles. 

tape to the bias to the thread

What products do we offer in our Byetsa catalogue?

Our main function is to offer our customers a wide variety of products. Currently, we have at your disposal more than 7000 references already prepared and ready to send. 

Since our beginnings more than 70 years ago, our main line of business was the elaboration of bieses for industry and for haberdasheries. Thanks to the automation of the production process, at Byetsa, we can perfectly cover all the needs of our wide portfolio of customers. 

Our wide variety of children’s fabrics is a great asset for companies and customers, working with an extensive range of prints in organic cotton fabrics, being clear that for the smallest of the house the best is always sought. 

We highlight the quality of our customer service and the exhaustive quality control process of our fabrics, to identify and avoid any possible divergence of colour or tonality in all our factory batches. In addition, we assure you original and all unique designs. 

If you require any clarification about our products, do not hesitate to write to us through our contact form or our email [email protected] or call us at our phone 93 874 40 98