The growing bieses industry has implied a diversification of the options that are achieved in the current market, so, according to this premise, it has been essential to expand the alternatives of products that are in it. With this in mind, at Byetsa, we have for you different widths of bias tapes that adapt perfectly to your needs. Their versatility makes them perfect allies for their different creations with bieses and, in addition, they will give you the possibility to adjust your budget to what you really require for fashion and home. 

What is the most common bias tape width?

If you wonder what are the most common sizes in tape width to bias, you will find in the first instance a wide variety of widths within this particular sector of the textile industry. In this way, regardless of which is common, the main thing is to know their needs and know what type of tape the bias is about to acquire. In Byetsa we provide bieses in different formats, and we have an extensive catalogue in which you can select the bieses that best suit your needs, but also according to usual and personalized parameters in terms of the width of the products. 

The most common widths in bias tapes are essentially those of 12, 18, 25 and 30 mm. This is because its manufacture is intended for clothing, towels, sheets, furniture, and other household products. Eventually, each of these widths is intended for specific products because the exact or approximate measurements must be maintained, at least, so that they can fully fulfil their function. 

Smaller ribbons are used for smaller items, such as children’s or adults’ clothing, towels, or sheets. Generally, the widths of 12 and 18 mm are implemented. However, the particularity of the tape to the bias is that its uses are so extensive and varied that a tape of small width can be implemented in larger products. And vice versa because 25 and 30 mm tapes are perfectly applicable for garments that proportionally would seem incompatible. This is the beauty of the tape to the bias that we conceive in Byetsa. 

widths of tapes to the bias

What are the most popular widths in bias tapes?

Considering the above, there is a clear differentiation in terms of the most acquired bias tapes according to their width. Thus, according to the size of the desired seam, the most popular bieses are the ribbons of plain colours of 18 and 30 mm, while those of 12 and 15 mm are a little less acquired. However, it is important to note that the popularity and how common it is to acquire a tape to the bias for its width is only a subjective measure that depends on the needs of customers. 

widths of tapes to the bias

At Byetsa we work with a wide variety of sectors, and we believe that there is a type of tape to bias for each consumer, so it is very likely to get the width that suits what you require at a certain time. In addition, under this premise, it is relevant to highlight that our company can make personalized products, so, added to the standard catalogue, you can also make a specific request, and we will have a budget for it. This not only reflects the versatility of bias tapes, but the mission and vision of our company in providing quality materials according to what our customers require. The best-selling bias tapes for their width are also a clear indication of the quality we handle in the industry, where we stand out both for the sizes and for the design and colour options you will find in our wholesale store.

Custom bias tape widths

In addition to the best quality in bieses, in Byetsa we offer a close and 100% personalized service. Therefore, in case of not having the measurements required by you, we can make custom tape widths to the bias, which fit your needs. In this way, we ensure that, in just 4 days, you can get exactly the product you were looking for. 

How to determine which width of tape the bias should buy?

Although it may seem like a simple question, the truth is that you should be clear about your priorities before making a purchase of tape to the bias. There are ribbons that stand out in different garments according to their width, so you should consider it to look for the bieses it requires. The widths of 12 and 15 mm can stand out in garments where such a notable presence is not necessary, but it is necessary, while those of 18, 25 and 30 mm give greater notoriety. 

Undoubtedly, the needs are supported by certain details, although it is important to consider the widths of tapes to the bias for their subsequent acquisition. If you have this or other questions in mind, do not hesitate to write to us through our contact form or our email [email protected] or call us at our phone 93 874 40 98. We will be happy to assist you!