Take a look at all of our fabric samples and different formats for bias bindings

We have spent many years producing and selling wholesale bias binding. In this case, we would like to give you a short summary of the features of each of our materials and formats, so you can get an overview of the products we usually have in stock.

We’ll start with the cotton and polyester bias binding, one of our most popular products. With it, we have developed a complete line of bias bindings with the name Batista, with a 50%-50% ratio of each material. At the moment, this is our company’s flagship bias binding.   

This perfect balance of percentages between the two fabrics gives them a silky and very pleasant feel.  On the other hand, the fact that the polyester threads we use are not textured, makes our Batista the most natural and softest product of our entire range.

types of bias binding

Next we have our 100% cotton bias binding, another of our most popular products for many reasons.

We started to develop our own line of cotton bias binding many years ago. It is important to emphasise that all of the dying processes of this cotton are carried out in Barcelona.  In essence, this bias binding is made from 100% natural cotton and has a multitude of uses in different sectors: childcare, home, consumption, industry…

The most common widths are 12mm, 18mm, 25mm and 30mm, although we can tailor-make them according to your requirements.

types of bias binding
types of bias binding

Continuing with our collection of bias binding, it’s now time to talk about our satin bias binding.

Without a doubt, this is one of our most elegant and sophisticated bias bindings, with a smooth structure that gives it a silky and pleasant feel, along with a bright and delicate look. In terms the composition of the material, it is 100% made from polyester.

Moreover, you will be able to choose from more than eighty colours available and it is important to highlight that, for this bias binding, we boast a large amount of permanent stock. 

Its uses and applications are vast, given that it is usually used to finish the collar or cuff of a shirt or to finish inside seems of all types of garments.

Other types of bias binding from our catalogue: lame, Vichy, elastic, patterned…

Our collection of bias bindings doesn’t end with cotton and polyester. For example, we also have a  special lame bias binding which is characterised for the use of lurex threads in its manufacturing, making it sparkle and giving an elegant and festive feel.

It consists of 70% polyester and 30% metallic lame, available in five basic colours: gold, silver, bronze, old gold and old silver, as well as more daring colours and shades. We also have different widths, the most common being 18 and 30mm.

types of bias binding
types of bias binding

We also have a Vichy bias binding which has become a real classic from our catalogue. Specifically, through the combination of three different types of Vichy – gingham, mini gingham and striped -, we can make all types of designs for our bias bindings, the profiled bias binding is the most popular of them all.

In terms of widths, in this case, the most popular are 18 and 30mm, not forgetting to mention our piping with core, which provides a unique touch that is also popular among our portfolio of customers.

A long time ago, just when materials with elastane started to become popular, we launched our elastic bias binding onto the market, with a composition of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. Over the years and with the evolution of the textile industry, this bias binding has become a basic component of our collection.

Thanks to its composition, it is a shirt fabric which is much nicer than most lycras or synthetic materials that are available on the market today.

types of bias binding
types of bias binding

We finish with our patterned bias binding, given that we have more than two hundred and fifty different designs and patterns. Many of them are made from organic cotton as they are aimed at children, with fun colours and shades.

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