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At Byetsa you will find a supplier of wholesale bias bindings with a breadth of experience

We are an industrial company founded half a century ago, in 1969. Specialists in the production and distribution of wholesale bias bindings, with an extensive range of different biases, in different materials, cuts and colours.

Since our beginnings, we have been constantly adapting to the new trends of the market with the mechanisation, automation and computerisation of all of our production systems and adapting our facilities to the so-called Industry 4.0.

This has enabled us to grow and expand throughout the world, thanks also to the wide network of distributors available to us.

Types of bias bindings that you can buy wholesale


In this section you will see our most highly demanded items from the bias bindings catalogue; you will be able to choose from different materials, designs, cuts and formats, always according to the type of bias binding you require:

As a leading and cutting-edge company within the world of bias binding, we have always made a strong commitment to the research and development of new technologies that enable us to satisfy all of the needs and requests of our portfolio of customers.

The quality of the products, the experience gained and the best service possible are three factors that perfectly define our company.

Industrial presentation

As manufacturers of bias bindings, we can supply you with industrial presentations, rolls and reels from 50 to 200 metres for the industrial production of all types of textile garments. You will discover all of the options from our extensive catalogue with one click. 

Haberdashery presentation

As manufacturers of bias bindings for haberdasheries, small dressmakers and workshops, we can supply you with rolls or reels of 5 to 25 metres depending on the specific needs of your business. You will discover all of the options from our extensive catalogue with one click.

Over the years, we have expanded our lines of business to become a leader in many sectors

More than fifty years of working can only be achieved with professionalism, a strong commitment to innovation and by always seeking the best quality possible in all of our processes and products.  

In order to meet the needs and demands of sectors as demanding as industry,  large consumption, fashion and haute couture, the home or packaging, it is vitally important to have modern and advanced facilities, as well as a large stock of bias bindings always available for customers -we have more than 7000 items and one hundred and fifty thousand units in our warehouse, which has five thousand m² dedicated exclusively to its production.

One of the most in-demand bias bindings is the cut (flat) bias binding, particularly within industry and textile manufacturing, but we also have other models that are extremely successful such as pleated, Decor bias binding- fancier models which are ideal for children or home textiles-, folded bias binding, piping with core…the possibilities are endless.

Proveedores de cintas al bies

On the other hand, our workforce is made up of more than thirty professionals, with knowledge of the history and traditional production techniques of bias bindings, whilst also being trained and mastering the more contemporary technologies and techniques, something that guarantees us a monthly production of more than two million bias bindings, and one of the reasons that explains why we have become a leading company worldwide. 

We have also always been characterised for offering an attentive, personalised and very flexible service, being able to adapt to the needs of each of our customers without any problems. 

Ultimately, we are a company of strong values, that takes great care of its production lines, as well as the quality of the bias bindings, ensuring that all production processes respect the environment, are sustainable and carried out using the most advanced technology on the current market.

Would you like to receive a direct and personalised service for your first order of wholesale bias bindings?