Bias binding
in different formats and cuts: How do we do it?

At Byetsa, as a leading company in the manufacture of bias bindings, we have extensive know-how and a breadth of experience within the vast world of bias bindings. But…how do we do it?

We cut the bias binding fabric into very narrow strips. The fibres are at a 45 degree angle along the length of the strip, providing more elasticity and fluidity, greatly facilitating its application in both straight and curved lines.

What type of cuts do we usually do at our production plants?

We make the cuts millimetre by millimetre, being able to supply any size that customers require, even the full piece.

Cut bias binding is used in a multitude of sectors and for a long list of products and textile items to finish off or join seams.

From the vortexes of duvets to napkins, bibs and a long etc.; finally, we cannot forget to mention that cut (flat) bias binding is applied using a bias binding foot.

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Our formats according to the bias binding used

Cut (flat) cortado
Folded Piping Special
bies doblado al libro cerrado doubled bias binding vivo con alma Piping with core trenza Braid
bies doblado al libro abierto half fold bias binding vivo sin alma Piping without core bies decor Décor bias binding
bies perfilado cerrado 1 closed fold bias binding vivo doble con alma Double piping with core bies decor doble Double décor bias binding
bies perfilado abierto open fold bias binding vivo doble sin alma Double piping without core plisado Box pleated
bies perfilado triple cerrado tri-fold bias binding - closed vivo triple con alma Triple piping without core plisado decor Décor box pleated
bies perfilado quadruple cerrado tri-fold bias binding - open vivo triple sin alma Triple piping combined overpli Pleated
bies perfilado quadruple cerrado 1 quad-fold bias binding - closed vivo triple combinado piping with core plus decor overpli decor Décor pleated
bies perfilado quadruple abierto quad-fold bias binding - open vivo con alma mas decor Spaghetti
bies perfilado quadruple cosido quad-fold bias binding - stitched espagueti Spaghetti
espagueti con alma Spaghetti with core
bies termoadhesivo thermoadhesive bias binding
bies perfilado decor

décor folded bias binding

greca fretted
bies perfilado doble

double fold bias binding

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