Vichy bias bindings

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If you need to buy Vichy bias binding, you may be interested in everything below. Our Vichy fabrics are a safe bet, a classic, one of those products that have been around forever.

It is especially important to mention that, by making the three Vichys we have with the same threads, they can be combined with each other given that the colours are the same: vichy gingham, vichy mini gingham and vichy stripe.

The colour range of our Vichy fabrics is timeless and focusses on basic colours, but with distinctive touches, a factor that has enabled us to create our colour range.

The most common Vichy bias bindings among our portfolio of customers

In terms of the Vichy bias bindings, the most common and highly demanded is the folded bias binding. It is important to highlight that we have a wide variety of widths, with the 18 mm and 30 mm widths being the ones we make most frequently.

Furthermore, we will also mention the piping with core, given that this adds a completely different touch to our creations.

The composition of the Vichy fabrics is 70% polyester and 30% cotton, with a washing guarantee of 40 °C and a warm iron is recommended (two dots)

Bies de Vichy
byetsa vichyis

Common uses of the Vichy bias binding that we usually produce at Byetsa

Vichy fabrics have an almost infinite number of applications and uses. From finishing off any part of a garment, to cushions for the home, with the traditional Vichy piping with core, and even aprons or kitchen towels. 

Finally, we always highlight the fact that, thanks to computerisation, we can carry out a stringent control of the traceability of all of our products. For years, at Byetsa we have been pioneers in the world of bias bindings, evolving and developing the new techniques and controls required to maintain excellence at all stages of the creation process.

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The universe of bias bindings is complex and can generate certain queries when it comes to buying these products wholesale. 

One of our strongest values as a company is offering a close, direct and personalised service to each customer, placing our breadth of knowledge and experience at their disposal.

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