We produce fabric bias binding
for a wide range of sectors

Throughout the years we have been working – Byetsa was founded in 1969- we have expanded our portfolio of customers, as well as the sectors we usually work in.

At Byetsa we are specialists in manufacturing bias bindings, in all of its variations and types, starting with cut (flat) bias binding which is so common and highly demanded within the industrial sector of clothes making.

However, we also make fancier bias bindings such as pleats or Decor bias bindings, as well as basic folded bias bindings and piping with core.

With stock permanently available of more than seven thousand items and with more than one hundred and fifty thousand units of product finished and ready to use we can offer a high-quality service, being agile and quick in dealing with the demands of stockists and distributors.

We have more than five thousand m² dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing of these fabric bias bindings, with an outstanding team of more than thirty profesionals, which guarantees a constant production of more than 2 million metres of bias binding each month.

Which sectors do we work for most regularly at Byetsa?

A lot has happened since we began our adventure; when we started at the end of the 1970’s, our main line of business was producing bias bindings for industry.

But nowadays we work for multiple sectors and we have expanded our lines of business, being able to cover all sectors of the market without any problems:


From the big fashion partners to small workshops and dressmakers to haute couture, in recent years we have become a leader for the sector and increasingly more brands from the world of fashion choose our bias bindings for their textile products and clothing items. Thanks to our wide network of distributors and our exceptional production rate, we are able to offer a comprehensive service in the five continents, whilst also offering personalised advice in choosing the bias bindings if needed.

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This is one of the sectors where our bias bindings enjoy extremely high demand. From sheets to tablecloths, cushions, napkins and other household linen, everything is usually edged with our bias bindings, giving elegance, beauty and tradition to any piece. If you have any queries about which bias binding will work best for the production of your pieces and products, you just need to contact our sales department and we will help you to find the best option for you. This is an essential aspect of our work.


This continues to be one of our main lines since, thanks to the automation of our factory, we can perfectly cover the needs of our extensive portfolio of customers in the industrial sector: production of PPE, automation, aeronautics, childcare, sports, pets… For example, for the childcare sector, our wide range of children’s fabrics are a valuable asset for companies and customers. It is extremely important for us to highlight that we work with a wide range of printed organic cotton fabrics, in the knowledge that only the best will do for the little ones of the family.

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From our beginnings, we found a place to grow and evolve in haberdasheries, until we got to where we are today. We have become a global and international supplier of bias bindings.

Thanks to our extensive network of stockists and distributors, we cover most of the territory of each country and we distribute our bias bindings throughout the world.

All with an unbeatable service in terms of speed and efficiency. Thanks to the high level of items in permanent “stock service”, we can dispatch our customers’ orders quickly.  We dedicate more than 700 m² of space to our stock of haberdashery items, with more than six thousand products permanently in stock.


This is the latest sector we have expanded our services and products into over recent years, thanks to the constant evolution that we have sought for both our bias bindings and our machinery.

In this sense, we master all of the contemporary printing techniques within the packaging sector, including screen printing and sublimation, as well as embossed and metallic printing of bias bindings or hot cutting; all with a high control of all of our processes and with the most advanced technology in our facilities.


If you want to contact our customer services department…

Whatever sector you work in, if you would like to receive a direct and personalised service to place your first order of wholesale fabric bias bindings, you just need to contact our customer services department, completing the form that you will find in our menu.

If you would to ask us anything, you can call us on +34 93 874 40 98 or send us an email to [email protected].