Cotton bias binding

Wholesale cotton bias binding for the textile industry

Due to the high demand from customers from the European Union, we have been making 100% high quality cotton and with an interesting initial range for a few years already.

Year after year, the demand for 100% cotton bias bindings has increased which is why, at Byetsa, we have taken the initiative of developing our own 100% cotton.

We have our own Batista; in addition, we would like to note that all of the dyeing processes of the 100% cotton are carried out in our country, more specifically, in the province of Barcelona.  Another important factor to note is that, thanks to working with local suppliers, we considerably reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

Nuestro tejido de RASO es uno de los tejidos más conocidos dentro
del mundo de las cintas al bies, el bies de RASO. Su estructura lisa le da un tacto sedoso y agradable que conjugado con el brillo uniforme que conseguimos por el uso de las fibras de trilobal le da un aire de sofisticación y elegancia muy demandado. Las fibras en forma triangular reflejan la luz de manera uniforme y le dan un brillo muy atractivo al tejido.

El resultado final de disponer del raso fabricado en trilobal es obtener una apariencia brillante de manera homogénea en toda nuestra gama de colores independientemente de donde le refleje la luz.

What are the most common uses for cotton bias binding in industry?

100% cotton bias binding enjoys an extremely high demand throughout Europe and, above all, by children’s clothing. From trousers to jackets, t-shirts, hats or overalls for schools.

All of this in folded bias bindings in the most common widths 12 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm, as well as other widths that we can make according to the specific needs of our portfolio of customers. 

Not forgetting the cut (flat) bias binding, also in extremely high demand thanks to its application using a bias binding foot on a sewing machine; or the piping with cords to match or in contrasting colours. We always recommend washing at 40 °C and using a warm iron (two dots).

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Quality controls and computerisation are playing a crucial role in our production plants

One of our objectives is the constant search for colour stability in the shades of every batch of fabric.

At Byetsa, we take everything regarding the quality control of our fabrics extremely seriously, using stringent controls specifically designed to identify and prevent any possible deviation of colour or shade in all of our batches of fabric.

This way, we can guarantee and maintain the quality of our products at all times.We can do all of this thanks to the powerful computerisation that we have spent time implementing in our production systems that gives us a high traceability.

For years we have been positioned as pioneers in the world of manufacturing bias bindings in all of its variations, thanks to the implementation of all of these processes.

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