Cotton bias binding

Wholesale cotton bias binding for the textile industry

Due to the high demand from customers in the European Union, a few years ago we developed high-quality 100% cotton with an interesting initial assortment. Year after year, the demand for 100% cotton bias binding has increased and it is for this reason that at Byetsa we take the initiative to develop our own 100% cotton.

We have our own Batista, and it is important to highlight that all the dyeing processes for our 100% cotton are carried out in Spain, specifically in the province of Barcelona, thus guaranteeing superior quality and meticulous control over each step of production.

This strategic location not only reinforces our commitment to quality, but also allows us to respond quickly to the needs of the European market.

What are the most common uses for cotton bias binding in industry?

As for the most common uses of cotton bias binding in the industry, 100% cotton bias binding is extremely popular throughout Europe, especially in the manufacture of children’s garments.

Its versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from pants and jackets to T-shirts, caps and school coats. In addition, its softness and durability make it perfect for bedding and home furnishing accessories, where quality and aesthetics are paramount.

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Our cotton bias binding is available in the most common widths of 12 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm, and we also offer the ability to manufacture custom widths to meet the specific needs of our broad customer base.

In addition, we offer cut (flat) bias for direct machine applications and live with tone-on-tone or contrast cord, providing greater flexibility and design options. The variety of styles and colors available in our catalog ensures that our customers always find exactly what they need for their projects.

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We recommend washing at 40°C and the use of two ironing points to maintain the quality and durability of our cotton bias binding. At Byetsa, we pride ourselves on being a leading supplier of cotton bias binding, committed to excellence in quality and service.

Our team is always available to advise and support our customers in selecting the ideal product for their specific needs, ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Quality controls and computerization are playing and essential role in our production plants

One of our objectives is the constant search for colour stability in the shades of every batch of fabric.

At Byetsa, we take everything regarding the quality control of our fabrics extremely seriously, using stringent controls specifically designed to identify and prevent any possible deviation of colour or shade in all of our batches of fabric.

This way, we can guarantee and maintain the quality of our products at all times. We can do all of this thanks to the powerful computerisation that we have spent time implementing in our production systems that gives us a high traceability.

For years, we have been positioned as pioneers in the world of manufacturing bias bindings in all of its variations, thanks to the implementation of these processes.

If you have any questions to ask us about our cotton bias bindings…

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