algodón orgánico

Some years ago, Byetsa bet on developing a high quality 100% cotton for the textile industry. Due to the high demand on this article, we want to take the next step and offer now our own organic cotton.

Organic cotton is the one produced according to the ecological agriculture rules internationally compiled in the UE834/2007 regulation, US National Organic Programme (NOP), Indian Organic Programme (NPOP), or Japanese Agriculture Standards (JAS).

Moreover, its production doesn’t mean only that has been cultivated without fertiliser and pesticides, but the cultivation methods are more based in the agronomic methods that the common production doesn’t consider.

More than five decades of history are the guarantee of our company as one of the mentors in bias binding production.

algodón org´ánico

Organic cotton upon request

Nowadays we are working on a new line of organic cotton bias developed in a process that cares for biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil’s health.

Once this new line of product will be ready, we will commercialise it upon request. As the 100% cotton bias has a high demand among our European customers, we are sure that organic cotton will follow same criteria and will be used to produce many clothes: from trousers to jackets, t-shirts, caps, or school smocks.

Ecological clothes are an alternative to the fast fashion as they’re not characterized by massive productions mostly in underdeveloped countries where the environment is in danger. Besides, sustainable or ecological fashion is based in the production of organic clothes, that means fabrics free of chemicals from the cultivation to the manufacture.

Byetsa is going to offer folded bias according to our customer’s needs, as well as the most common widths such as 12mm, 18mm, 25 mm and 30mm. We will also offer flat bias used a lot when having a bias binder folder to apply it, and piping that could be applied matching colours with final garment or in contrast. We always recommend washing at 40ºC and two-dot ironing.

Organic cotton fabrics meet high strength and durability.

Organic cotton it’s a cleaner material than other synthetic fibres. It is not a petrol derivative; it doesn’t produce plastic residue and its degradation capacity is acceptable.

Besides, it is not only good for the customer’s health but also for the producers as this material doesn’t have any treatment using harsh chemicals. All these facts make organic cotton a more strength and enduring fabric.

algodón orgánico blanco

Quality, vocation for service and experience

In Byetsa we are really concerned about the quality control of our fabrics, we have rigorous controls especially designed to identify and avoid any divergence in colour or tonality in all our fabric shipments. Our company has been growing and progressing always adapting to the new market trends and respecting three basic pillars: quality, vocation for service and experience, that’s why all these three words perfectly define our company.

Do you need more details about our organic cotton? You can send an email to [email protected], call us at +34 93 874 40 98, or fill in the form in our website.

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