Tips and recommendations for sewing bias binding tapes

How to sew bias tape properly is an art. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the world of sewing, there are finishes that are essential to know. This is the case, for example, of knowing how to sew bias tape, since this is one of the basics for a garment to be perfect.

Learning to carry out this work will be very useful when it comes to finishing both garments and different designs. You can use it in clothes, bags, comforters, and even tablecloths. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to an ideal finish, the bias ribbon is a detail that will capture attention for its decorative character. In this guide, you will learn how to sew it on your own without any problems. You will love the result.

How to sew the tape to the bias, a basic in sewing

Bias tape is an essential component in the sewing world due to its versatility and functionality.

This type of tape is characterised by being cut diagonally to the original fabric, which gives it superior elasticity and flexibility, especially compared to tapes cut parallel to the weft of the fabric.

This flexibility is crucial when working with curved edges or corners, allowing the tape to fit smoothly without creasing.

Visually, bias tape is easily recognisable by its edges, which are carefully folded inwards. This fold helps prevent the fabric from fraying and provides a neat, professional finish to any sewing project.

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In practice, bias tape is indispensable for a variety of sewing applications. It is commonly used to finish off the bottom of garments, providing a neat and durable finish.

It is also ideal for neatening seams and edges on numerous projects, from clothing to accessories such as bags and quilts. Its ability to add a decorative touch while reinforcing fabric structures makes it a popular choice among seamstresses and designers.

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Step by step how to sew a bias binding ribbon

Now that you know a little more about this type of tape, it’s time to learn how to sew it correctly. First, you will need a wide or narrow bias tape, depending on your needs.

The next thing you need to do is unfold the bias and place it at the top of the edge you want to finish. At this point, it is important to face the right of the fabric of your choice with that of the ribbon to the bias. To hold it, use pins and string them.

Once you notice that the tape is properly placed, you can remove the pins to stitch the machine over the first of the folds of the bias. It is relevant not to stretch the piece too much while it is sewing. Then, remove the threads to trim the seam margins to about 5 millimeters. Now, turn the bias over the back of the garment, thread back and sew close to the edge.

How to sew ribbon to the bias in corner

As you can see, knowing how to place tape to the bias is simple and will help you raise the quality of your creations. However, if you want to be a true professional, another thing you should know is to sew ribbon bias in corners.

To accomplish this, you must sew the tape normally, but, before you reach the corner, you have to bend the tape to create a diagonal. In it, the edge of the tape has to be aligned with that of the fabric.

Then fold the tape back again. You will see that there is a triangular-shaped tab left that you can lift and bend to the other side. When you have it bent, keep stitching and stop before you reach the margin of the seam in the corner.

Now, fold the tab back to the opposite side and do it again. Once you have the tape well-placed, all you have to do is finish stitching all over the edge of it.

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