Patterned bias bindings

Do you need wholesale patterned bias bindings for your textile designs or products?

For many years, Byetsa has believed in the importance of offering a wide range of patterns. Thanks to this, nowadays we are the number one manufacturer of bias bindings, with the most extensive and varied offer on the market. Between the different designs, patterns and colours, we work with more than 250 different models of patterned bias bindings; most of them with organic cotton given that many of them are for the realm of children where organic cotton is in high demand.

If you want to make fun and colourful creations, the range of patterns from Byetsa will leave you speechless.. The most common patterned bias binding is the folded bias binding in a 30 mm width and, if you want the pattern to stand out, wide bias binding helps. Another important item within the patterned bias bindings is decorative bias binding. A unique item to finish off or give a special touch to your creations.

What are the patterned bias bindings that we produce at Byetsa made of?

Byetsa’s patterned bias bindings are largely made from 100% cotton, although we also use polyester cotton with piqué fabrics which are good for finishing off towels or thicker items. Each colour chart has its own preservation requirements.

Thanks to the high capacity of our production plant, we are able to manage the demands of an ever-changing and volatile market with high regulatory and quality demands, leaving aside the fact that, every so often, we have to cover significant spikes in demand.

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