At Byetsa you will find top quality printed, satin, cotton or lamé bias bindings

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Spring is here and brings a full range of colours, days are longer and the Byetsa printed bias tape collection is also making a big splash. This collection is not called ETHNIC by chance, but is inspired by the ethnic world, and through the colours and shapes of its designs it allows us to travel far away.

At Byetsa we are a family business specializing in the manufacture of bias bindings, and we have more than five thousand square meters for the production of our more than 7,000 references. The offer of our products is expansive and varied, and can satisfy any customer needs.

Printed biases in multiple formats for haberdashery and the large industry

At Byetsa we manufacture bias tapes for different sectors and all our designs are included in the Fany and Bior brands depending on whether if they are intended for haberdashery or large industry.

Fany represents the brand of small-format haberdashery products, where you can find rolls or reels from 5 to 25 meters depending on the specific needs of your business.

While Bior is the brand of products for large-format industrial parts and has industrial rolls and reels of 50 to 200 meters for the industrial manufacture of all kind of textile garments.

bias print

Printed biases of different cuts and sizes

In our company, we have a long experience in the extensive world of biases, and we always follow the same procedure when manufacturing all our biases: we cut the bias fabric into very narrow strips. The fibres are 45 °C along the length of the strip, giving it more elasticity and fluidity, greatly facilitating its application in both straight and curved lines. To achieve the perfect cut, we usually cut millimetre by millimetre, being able to supply any measure that fulfil our client’s request, from 6 mm to the entire piece.

The cut bias is used in many sectors and is intended for a multitude of textile products and preparations, when finishing off a garment or when joining seams.

Printed biases made of different materials: Which one suits your needs?

At Byetsa, we can offer you the following types of printed bias tapes:

  • Cotton and polyester bias tapes: our 50%-50% polyester and cotton BATISTA is available, which is the company’s flagship. This balance between the two fabrics makes it softer and more pleasant to the touch, the polyester threads are not textured, all these factors that give the fabric an air of naturalness and softness. The widths of 12 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm are the most common and used.

    We have 120 different colours available. Our Batista has a washing guarantee at 40 °C and two ironing points.

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  • Satin bias tapes: Our satin fabric is one of the best-known fabrics, its smooth structure gives it a silky and pleasant touch, which combines with the uniform shine. Trilobal yarns reflect light evenly and give the fabric a very attractive sheen. Available widths of 12 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm. The composition of SATIN is 100% polyester, with a washing guarantee at 40 °C and two ironing points.

  • 100% cotton bias: it is in high demand throughout the European continent, especially for garments made for the little ones in the house. From pants to jackets, through t-shirts, caps or school gowns.

  • Lamé bias tapes: the most common bias that we usually produce with the lamé fabric is the profiled bias, in a wide variety of widths, with widths of 18 mm and 30 mm being the most popular. We also want to highlight our bias tape, which gives an elegant and sophisticated touch to any garment or product that we have.

    The composition of our Lamé fabric is 70% polyester and 30% metallic lame. All this with guarantee of 30 °C when washing and a one-point ironing temperature.

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  • Bies de Vichy: we have a wide variety of widths, being the widths of 18 mm and 30 mm the ones that we typically work with more regularly. On the other hand, the composition of Vichy fabrics is 70% polyester and 30% cotton, with a washing guarantee at 40 °C and two ironing points are recommended.

  • Elastic bias: we bring to the market an elastic fabric with 97% cotton and 3% elastane. It is a shirting fabric where the colour, appearance, and touch transport you to fashionable clothes.

Printed Bias: the ETHNIC collection

Just before the pandemic outburst, the fashion trend was moving towards a very colourful and lively proposals. But with the arrival of COVID-19, many trends were left on standby or just disappeared.
However, on many occasions fashion has been reactive and instead of changing its course towards gray or dark colours it has, instead, opted for an even more strong vibrant colours which gives a boost of joy and vitality.

The ETHNIC printed bias collection was born in this context and combines geometric shapes with a burst of colour and light that leaves no one indifferent. ETHNIC designs are innovative, original, full of life and offer a wide range of possibilities. The biases are fun and jovial, which breaks the stereotypes of classicism.

If you are interested in discovering the ETHNIC collection in more detail, do not hesitate and contact Byetsa. Call us at: +34 93 874 40 98 or write to us at: [email protected].