In Byetsa, we are dedicated to the sale of wholesale bieses for different sectors. Through our products, we seek to meet the needs of sectors as diverse as industry, mass consumption, fashion and haute couture, home or packaging.

Therefore, we have two product lines that allow us to meet the needs of various sectors. Our BIOR line includes all products intended for large industry, while the Fany line includes those for haberdashery.

We present the BIOR catalog: wholesale bies for industrial production

BIOR is a Byetsa brand of large-format industrial parts products, which has industrial rolls and reels from 50 to 200 meters for the industrial manufacture of all types of textile garments.

Our sewing bieses give peace of mind to our customers from various sectors who continue to select us, year after year, to meet their needs. In the more than half a century that we have experienced, we have worked for the personal protective equipment (PPE) sector, for the automotive and aeronautical world, for the sports and pet industry, among many others.

In Byetsa we produce a wide range of bieses keeping in mind the particular needs of our customers in the industrial sector. To mention just a few of them, we can highlight the fluorescent bias ribbons in different colours and the reflective tapes made with a 3M “scotchlite” fabric, although we have many other products to offer you.

wholesale bias

In our catalogue you can choose from a wide range of materials, designs, cuts and formats, always according to the type of bias you need:

wholesale bias

Cotton and polyester bias

The Batista line of bieses 50% cotton-50% polyester is one of the most popular in our catalogue. One of the great advantages of this combination of materials is that they make it softer and more pleasant to the touch. 

In addition, in Byetsa we produce more than 120 different colours of these bieses, some of which we develop using dyes from the European Union, which reduces the carbon footprint of our products.

Satin bias

The satin fabric is characterized by its shine to the eye and softness to the touch. In Byetsa, we use trilobal thread to ensure that the light is reflected evenly in the bias, which provides the air of sophistication and elegance that is normally sought when using this material.

In Byetsa, we produce a wide variety of shades of the basic colours. In this way, we can meet each of the needs of our customers.

wholesale bias
wholesale bias

Cotton bias

In Byetsa we also develop 100% cotton bieses, in response to the high demand of our European customers for a product of this material. We would like to emphasize that all the dyeing processes of these goods are carried out in the province of Barcelona.

The most frequent use of this type of bieses is for the production of children’s clothing. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used to produce pants, jackets, T-shirts, caps and much more.

Piping de lamé

Our lamé fabric stands out for its excellent quality, since it is composed of 70% polyester and 30% metal lame. The lurex thread that we use for its production gives these bieses a sophisticated and elegant air, and makes them perfect to incorporate into party dresses.

Due to the great demand for lamé bias by our customers, we currently have 5 different colours of the Lamé bias: gold, gold, old gold, silver, old silver and bronze and old bronze.

wholesale bias
wholesale bias

Bias de vichy

Vichy bieses are one of the classics that never go out of style to make garments, home cushions, aprons and tea towels, and much more. One of the great advantages of the bieses of this type that we manufacture in Byetsa, is that both the vichy frame and the vichy mini frame and the vichy stripes, are all made with the same threads so that they can be perfectly combined in a joint design.

Elastic Bies

Our elastic bias has a composition of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, so they are much more pleasant than most elastic lycras or synthetics on the market.

For their colour, appearance and touch, bieses of this type are appreciated in haute couture. However, they are also highly required for certain uses in the production of sportswear.

Piping stamped

In Byetsa we are one of the largest producers of printed bieses, since we have more than 250 different motifs. Because those of this type are usually chosen to make children’s garments, most of the printed bieses of our firm are made of organic cotton.

wholesale bias

Trust Byetsa when buying bias wholesale

If you need a bieses supplier for your industry, at Byetsa, we can help you. Not only for the more than 50 years of experience that support us, but also for the wide catalogue with products of the highest quality that you can find on our website. Even if you wish, we can manufacture bieses on demand in a short period of time thanks to our large stock of high-quality fabrics.

If you have questions about our products, you can contact our sales team by calling 93 874 40 98, or by emailing us to [email protected]. If you prefer, you can also fill out the form on our website.