The best place to buy wholesale bias tape: Byetsa factory

Buying bias tape from the Byetsa factory is a great idea. Byetsa is a factory located in the city of Manresa, in Barcelona, which has been producing bias tape for years. Today it is one of the main suppliers of the largest textile manufacturers both at industrial level and for the retail and domestic business. We are a reference company in the textile sector without any doubt.

Since 1969, Byetsa has been dedicated to the manufacture of bias binding with passion, innovation, and technology. Over the years, we have responded to market trends and the greatest challenges of the demanding fashion market. 

Byetsa offers a giant catalogue of bias tapes for different uses, and groups its products for two different markets in its two brands: Fany, small format products for haberdashery and small consumers, and Byor, large format industrial pieces.

Bias tape manufactured for different sectors

Throughout more than fifty years of history, we have expanded our customer base and explored new and different markets. Today, our sectors of application are: 

bias tape factory
bias tape factory
  • Fashion: Whether for the seamstress, small industries or large textile companies and designers, Byetsa is a benchmark for quality, supply, and continuity.

  • Home: All types of home textile products can be finished and embellished with our bias binding tapes: cushions, sheets, towels, table linen, curtains.

  • Industry: One of Byetsa’s main lines that supplies the industrial sector for the manufacture of technical clothing: aeronautical, sanitary, automotive, etc.

  • Consumption: Our large stock and storage network allows us to respond immediately to requests from all over the country and our expansionist policy in the rest of the world.

  • Packaging: Recently, we have developed in the modern techniques of the packaging sector such as screen printing and sublimation, embossing and metallizing, details that allow a wide personalization of the product for the client.

The creative spirit and technological vision of Byetsa

The quality of the materials and the wide variety of colours and articles in our collection have made the company a reliable and indispensable partner of the leading national and international fashion houses and anyone who makes use of the textile industry.

The creative spirit, combined with experience in the production of bias tape, has guided the growth and expansion of our company, which exports Spanish production to the world. Wherever bias tape is needed, whatever its type and material, Byetsa will be there, proudly bearing the name of the country and its region of origin.

Why is Byetsa a reference brand?

Byetsa offers its buyers strict quality standards that ensure that the final product will not be undervalued because of a poor finish. This is why we can guarantee the inalterability of our materials. 

At Byetsa, we can guarantee you:

  • Quality elastic bias binding over traditional Lycra.

  • Guaranteed washing without shrinking or fading.

  • Colours and designs always in line with fashion and new trends: Vichy, prints, stripes, flowers and much more.

  • Industrial presentation with reels of between 50 and 200 metres.

  • Presentation for haberdashery with reels of between 3 and 25 metres.

  • All types of materials: cotton, polyester, satin, silk.

bias tape factory
  • Specials: lurex and lamé; metallized glitter in five colours: gold, silver, bronze, old gold and old silver.

  • 27 formats and cuts of bias binding.

  • Childcare bias binding, made with fabrics free of harmful substances and heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead, chrome or arsenic.

  • Made in Barcelona’ raw materials, which allow us to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • ECO-TAX certification: guarantees that substances harmful to health and the European Regulation on Chemical Substances are not used.

Bias tape made with the highest quality guarantee

As you can see, there are many advantages to working with Byetsa products.  Our way of working and the excellence of our service have allowed us to become a reference brand at national and global level. We continually strive to offer the best product and assistance

We have staff with experience in customer advice to guide the optimal choice between our products and your projects that need bias strips. You can call us at 93.874.40.98 or write to us at [email protected]. The Customer Service Department will immediately be at your disposal to help to advise you on the purchase of our products.