Our best ideas for fancy bias binding tape to surprise the little ones

What is fancy bias tape used for? In which textile sectors is it necessary? The market for bias tape and childcare offers a wide range of options for fancy bias tape. With this in mind, we at Byetsa have a wide range of fancy bias tape for children. Our range of bias binding is your best option, both in cost and in the variety we have to offer. 

fancy bias tape

Why buy bias tape for children?

Our bias tapes are specially designed for any occasion or person, giving you a personalization margin that you will only find at Byetsa. This is because we have the highest quality products on the market today, which not only allows you to create different creations with a very personal touch, but a bias tape can also be used for different end products.

fancy bias tape

In the case of children, we at Byetsa understand the particularities that a product designed for children must have, as they are more delicate and must be properly made for this use. In particular, our bias tape for children is duly certified under the ECO-TAX Standard 100, whose purpose is to delimit substances that are harmful to the health of children and adults.

In this way, it is a completely reliable and safe purchase that will provide you with a product of quality and durability, but also the certainty that you will not have any inconvenience of any kind when in contact with your child. 

Which fancy bias tape can you find in our catalogue?

Since the beginning of our company, our mission at Byetsa has been to provide the best bias tape for children in the models you require and with the touch of fantasy you are looking for.

Whether your purpose is to integrate fantasy bias tape into clothing and other personal apparel, cushions, furniture or bed linen, our line of printed bias tape for children will allow you to achieve a satisfactory result with its vivid colours and durability. Significantly, a trademark of our products is, above all, how long they last once they have been integrated into other creations.

With a wide range of designs ranging from flowers, geometric shapes to children’s cut-out images, you can integrate our fancy bias tape into various children’s garments and other baby-related items such as blankets, bibs, and towels. 

fancy bias tape

Fancy bias binding tape in small and large format

The infinity of designs that we propose show the versatility of Byetsa and its bias ribbons, and as a standard of our quality, you can be sure that they will look good with any creation you can think of.

Among our line of bias tape prints, you can also purchase this fancy product not only in various designs, but also in lengths to suit your needs: both in haberdashery and industrial formats. Furthermore, with our width standards in the products we have to offer, we at Byetsa guarantee that buying bias tape in our shop is the smartest choice given the current market circumstances.

Are our fancy bias tape designs fun and innovative?

Absolutely! At Byetsa we have a passion for innovation and this is easily seen in our product catalogue of more than 7000 references. Among these products, you will also find corded bias binding that will give your final products another personality, and best of all, at a lower cost than you think.

fancy bias tape

Particularly, in Byetsa we are aware of the importance of the quality-price ratio, so we have made great efforts in the last time so that you can acquire the best, always at a lower price.

Undoubtedly, there are many reasons that make us your best option in the bias tape market. In terms of designs, our fancy bias tape is an alternative with which you can create different designs at home and with the security, we offer you in terms of childcare. 

Therefore, should you require any further information, you can always contact us via our website or e-mail us to [email protected]