Characteristics and applications of the most used industrial biases

Byetsa, our commitment to quality and innovation has led us to develop an extensive catalog of bias tapes, with over 6000 references available in permanent stock. This wide range of options allows us to meet the most specific demands of our customers, covering a complete spectrum of applications in various sectors.

The manufacturing of our bias tapes incorporates different types of industrial biases, carefully selected to offer the greatest diversity and adaptability possible. We use top-quality materials, from soft and flexible cottons to durable polyesters and elegant satins, ensuring optimal solutions for every specific need.

Our experience of over fifty years in the sector has established us as leaders not only in fashion and haute couture, where detail and precision are crucial, but also in areas such as home decor, where durability and aesthetics go hand in hand; industry, which requires robust and high-performance solutions; consumer goods, where versatility and quality are essential, and packaging, where originality and functionality must converge.

Each type of bias tape we offer has been designed with its specific applications in mind, from reinforcing seams and edges in garments to providing decorative finishes on home textiles and accessories. Additionally, our industrial bias tapes are widely used in the manufacturing of uniforms, sportswear, and consumer products, demonstrating their versatility and ability to add value to a wide range of items.

At Byetsa, we take pride in being a reference in the supply of industrial bias tapes, relying on our rich history and constant pursuit of innovation to offer solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

What kind of industrial slants do we manufacture at Byetsa?

Our background in manufacturing bias tapes makes us experts in this type of product. The bias tapes manufactured by Byetsa stand out for their elasticity or fluidity, and that facilitates their applications in both straight and curved lines.

Not only do we manufacture the products we have in our catalogue of bias tapes wholesale, but we also manipulate the fabrics of our customers, as well as manufacture according to their demands and requests. Yes, you read that right: we manufacture custom bias tapes so that the final finish of your product is perfect. We can create your exclusive collection of bias tapes.

The materials we use to make our bias binding are of the highest quality. We usually work with:

types of industrial biases

With these materials, we manufacture biased sheets with these types of industrial biases:

  • Profiled: closed book folded bias binding, open book folded bias binding, closed profiled bias binding, open profiled bias binding, triple profiled bias binding — closed, triple profiled bias binding — open, quadruple profiled bias binding — closed, quadruple profiled bias binding — open and quadruple profiled bias binding — sewn.

  • Alive: alive with soul, alive without soul, alive double with soul, alive double without soul, alive triple with soul, alive triple without soul and alive triple combined.

  • Specials: braid, decor bias, double decor bias, trampled bias, pleated decor, overpli, overpli decor, live with core plus decor, spaghetti, spaghetti with core, thermo-adhesive bias, profiled decor bias, fretwork, and double profiled bias.

types of industrial biases

Byetsa bias tapes are used in countless products such as shirts, dresses, shoes, uniforms, cushions, curtains, towels, sheets, tablecloths, or pieces made by the sports industry.

Industrial flat bias

types of industrial biases

Bias tapes with a flat bias are made by cutting the strips at a 45-degree angle. They are usually used in the finishing of armholes and necklines. They are light pieces and their application is basic if it is done using a funnel.

Profiled or folded bias

types of industrial biases

Biases with a profiled bias are those in which the fabric is cut into strips with the grain on the bias and the raw edges are folded down along each side of the strip. Depending on the type of profiled bias binding, it will be folded more or less often and depending on the finish it will be left open, closed or sewn.

Like flat bias binding, they are lightweight and easy to apply. They work well as a lining for children’s clothing or to finish off armholes and necklines, among many other functions.

Living biases with a soul

types of industrial biases

The main attribute of bias tapes with a live bias with a soul is that the strips are wrapped around a cord and a closed stitching, close to the cord.

The finishes that are made with this type of industrial bias binding have a decorative finish and in the fashion industry they are used in the hems of skirts for example.

Bias decor

types of industrial biases

Bias ribbons with a decor bias are the ones with the most complex manufacturing process. In this case, the raw edges are folded under along both sides of the strip. The strip is then folded lengthwise, slightly off-centre. Then the crocheted edge is sewn along the perimeter of the bias binding.

Do you want more details about the most commonly used types of bias tapes? Contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need about biases and prices for each of them. Ensuring your satisfaction with Byetsa’s bias tapes is our goal!

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