¿Are you looking for high quality gold bias tape?

If you are looking for high quality gold bias tape, you should know that you will find what you need at Byetsa. We are a company specialized in the production of bias tapes and the various variants that this product presents:

Cambric, cotton, satin, elastic, prints, among many others.

We have a very long history in the industry and, therefore, extensive experience in the market that materializes in a catalog of more than 7,000 references.

Of course, our company offers three essential aspects in each of the products: quality, experience and a dedication to service. 

Our two registered and main brands for the service are Fany, with which we market products in small formats, and Byor, focused on industrial parts in a much broader format.

Gold Bias Tape

¿What is bias tape?

Bias tape is a strip of fabric that has been cut diagonally with respect to the direction of the threads that make up the material. It is used in haberdashery to decorate or to reinforce the edge of something. In addition, it gives the perfect flexibility and resistance to what you need and for which it allows the material to adapt at the time of sewing, avoiding in a certain way wrinkles or folds. Its main use is to stabilize the edges in sewing work.

The gold bias tape that we manufacture at Byetsa

The gold bias tape that we make at Byetsa is outlined in a metallic lamé with a gold tone that is 18 millimeters wide. The material is lurex, a fabric that is used for clothing and, above all, that is made up of aluminum thread which ends up being covered by a sheet.

Gold Bias Tape

One of its main advantages is the ease with which the tape quickly adapts to the edges to be sewn. For this reason, the same color or a contrast can be used depending on the style you want to give it. 

If you are wondering why you should buy a gold bias tape, the answer is very simple: Byetsa’s quality guarantee is second to none and it is the only way to ensure that you have the best product in your hands.

When sewn with this gold bias tape, the stitch ends up being perfect all around the edge of the bias tape, so it can be folded in an ideal way, resulting in a very professional product or object. 

In fact, one of its main advantages is that you don’t need special equipment to sew the bias, you just use a sewing machine and if you want a more professional job, make sure you baste it first.

Some of the most outstanding references in our bias catalog

As we have specified previously, our main focus is on products for haberdashery and the industrial sector. Next, we will detail some of the collections that our customers appreciate the most.

Bias for haberdashery

These are just some of the types of tapes present in the small format catalog:

  • Fruit: 100% cotton, profiled bias and its presentation is a roll of 25 meters. In this format you can find the designs you want in terms of fruit: coconut, mango, kiwi, pineapple, apple, among others. However, in this same product, there is the presentation of bias decor, which refers to the fact that it comes with a decoration on one of its sides.

  • Linen: 45% linen and 46% cotton, in bias presentation shaped by 20 meters each roll and piping by 25 meters each roll. In the catalog there is also the bias decor, available in any color that is suggested or needed.

  • Batista: 50% polyester and 50% cotton, this one, unlike the previous ones, has three types of presentations: 25-meter profiled bias, 5-meter profiled bias and 25-meter piping.

  • Iron-on bias binding: 50% polyester and 50% cotton, its self-adhesive profiled bias presentation is available by 10 meters. This, in addition, is fast bias so it can be washed after sewing the garment.

  • Batiste spaghetti: 50% polyester and 50% cotton, the 25 meter spaghetti bias and you can find this product in different colors.

    With the same material they create braids that are designed in different colors and styles, for sale by rolls of 25 meters.

  • Satin: Made of 100% polyester and with presentations of profiled, live and spaghetti bias.

  • Satin bias decor: 100% polyester with open bias decor and closed bias decor in haberdashery.

  • Rayon: 100% viscose rayon material, cotton.

  • Elastic cotton: 97% cotton and 3% elastane

  • Bies tejano

  • Bies jean

  • Linen:44% cotton and 56% linen. As a characteristic is the original color of the linen, but the tonality varies according to its harvest.

Although in the haberdashery you can find some more styles and designs, those mentioned above are the most recommended and the best sellers by our company. However, we remind you to take a look at our catalog to find all the features and with it, all the colors and designs that we have available in your variables.

Biases in industrial format

  • Reflective tape: In its presentation of bias cut, piping and bias greca.
  • Rayon: Unlike other presentations, this variable has the pleated presentation. 
  • Batista, decor, sample decor, live sample, live batiste decor, satin bias decor, fluorescent satin.

¡At Byetsa you will find gold bias tape and much more!

Gold Bias Tape

If you are interested in Byetsa’s gold bias tape or in any other bias design, don’t hesitate a second and contact us without any commitment. 

Fill in the form that you will find on our website, send an email to [email protected] or call us at +34 93 874 40 98.

We will love that you find what you are looking for in our catalogue!