Since its beginnings, Byetsa has offered a wide range of bias tapes for haberdashery and industrial sectors. Thanks to this, we are one of the best manufacturers in the market, with a wide and varied offer. In addition, the values on which our company is based stand out quality, service vocation and experience. 

Bias ribbons can be sewn by machine or manually. This type of bias binding is specifically used for the trimming or edging of garments, belts, bags, etc. Their main characteristics are their softness and how mouldable they can be. 

The prints of these ribbons can be basic colours, children’s styles and other types that are more risky as leopard designs or similar to velvet. In our company you will find a wide variety of existing prints. Byetsa has a notorious prestige in the manufacture of bias ribbons for the fashion sector. 

On the other hand, we have two registered trademarks: Fany and Byor. The first one is the brand with which we commercialize products for haberdashery presentation in small formats, being our recommendation of bias ribbons for haberdashery. While the second one is the one, we work with for industrial articles and pieces for large garment workshops.

bias binding tapes for haberdashery

Bias tapes for haberdashery

It is advisable to buy bias binding tapes of our brand FANY made of polyester and cotton 50%-50% for haberdashery. This balance between the two fabrics generates a great feeling of softness that is totally pleasant to the touch. In addition, it should be noted that the polyester threads are not textured, giving a greater naturalness and delicacy to the fabric.

In this case, of all our range of products we have a considerable variety of widths, the most common are 12, 18, 25 and 30 millimetres.

Bias tapes for garment factories

Due to the high demand in the textile market, we have managed to develop an interesting initial assortment, which serves to respond to those requests for bias binding most in demand. 

Specifically, the BYOR product line is made with top quality products and the process is produced exclusively in our country, in the province of Barcelona to be more precise.

cintas al bies para mercería

The most common widths are 12, 18, 25 and 30 millimetres, although we can also make other widths according to the specific needs of our customers. In addition, we recommend washing at 40 °C and using two ironing points.

Other types of bias binding from our catalogue

The wide range of bias tapes in our catalogue includes bias tapes made from different percentages of cotton, elastane, polyester and lamé.

  • Vichy bias: they are a completely safe bet, a classic. It is also worth mentioning that the three types of existing designs are: vichy check, vichy mini check and vichy stripes.

  • Satin bias binding: one of the most elegant and sophisticated ribbons, with a smooth structure that gives it a silky and pleasant feel, along with a shiny and delicate appearance. As far as the composition of the fabric is concerned, it is made of 100% polyester.

bias binding tapes for haberdashery
  • Bies of lamé: it is characterized for being used in the confection of lurex threads, which give it more shine and a very elegant air.

  • Elastic bias: these are fabrics with elastane and have become a basic in our catalogue.

We also have a catalogue of printed bias tapes that offer the option of customizing the design according to the customer’s needs.

More information about our bias binding tapes

It is possible that you still have doubts about everything you have read, or would like more information about our bias tapes. If you want to receive a much closer and completely personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us through the mail [email protected] or by calling 93 874 40 98.