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We have been devoted to the production of bias bindings in all of its variations for more than fifty years, since we started our journey, located in the heart of Catalonia, in the city of Manresa, the capital of el Bages.

Over the years, we have always been committed to the best technologies and the development of new more productive and efficient systems, constantly adapting to the new market trends and, currently, we have an extensive range of bias bindings: batista, satin, cotton, Vichy, elastic, patterned…

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It is extremely important to highlight the fact that we have two different brands, also with different business objectives: Fany and Byor. The first is the brand we use to sell products for haberdasheries in small sizes, while the second is the one we use for large size industrial items and pieces.
Thanks to our professionalism, vocation of service and quality in the production processes, nowadays we work with a long list of sectors: fashion, home, consumer industry, packaging, textiles, health sector…

Our bias bindings: variations from the extensive catalogue available for you

Polyester-cotton bias binding

We have a line of BATISTA bias bindings of polyester and cotton with a 50-50 mix. It is our flagship range of bias bindings; it is very pleasant and smooth to touch, with non-textured threads, a factor that gives the fabric an extra touch of smoothness.

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Satin bias binding

Its smooth structure gives it a silky, soft and very pleasant feel. It enjoys an even sheen thanks to the use of trilobal threads, which gives it an air of sophistication and results in a very elegant bias binding.
The most common bias bindings are the folded satin in 12, 18, 25 and 30 mm widths; all with a carefully chosen colour range

Cotton bias binding

For many years, the demand for cotton bias binding has increased considerably in Europe. We took a leap forward and created our own high quality 100% cotton with all of the dying processes carried out in Barcelona.

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Lamé bias binding

The lamé we produce is of a high quality thanks to the use of lurex threads which give it a sophisticated touch and make it extremely elegant. The most common bias binding is folded, in a wide range of widths, with the 18 mm and 30 mm being the most popular.

Vichy bias binding

Vichy bias bindings are a real classic and one of those products that have been around forever. We have three different Vichys:  gingham, mini gingham and striped, and they can be combined together. In terms of colours, we use basic and traditional colours, but with touches that add small differences. We have many widths, but the most popular and best-selling are the 18 and 30 mm.

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Elastic bias binding

Several years ago, fabrics were already evolving towards compositions with some elastane. We launched an elastic fabric with 97% cotton and 3% elastane.
It is a shirt fabric where the colour, look and touch are very similar to the fabrics used by designers of haute couture.
Currently, this type of bias binding is one of our company’s basics. The 12mm, 18mm, 25mm and 30mm widths are the most produced and requested by our customers; the piping with core is also highly successful.

Patterned bias binding

We produce a range of more than two hundred and fifty variations of patterned bias bindings. We make them with organic cotton, bearing in mind the fact that they are usually used for children.
The most common patterned bias binding is the folded bias binding in a 30 mm width, thanks to which, the pattern is much more striking and stands out.

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Our corporate values and what defines us as a company that produces bias bindings

There are many things that explain our exponential growth over the years including, for example, the superior quality of our bindings and their finishes, as well as all of the processes involved in their production.
We are also characterised for offering a service adapted to the specific needs of each customer, given that the most important thing for us is their satisfaction.
We cannot forget to mention our strong commitment to innovation from day one, but being very clear about where we came from and knowing the traditional production techniques of bias bindings to perfection.
That said, if you would like to ask us any questions or request a quote, you just need to spend a few seconds completing this form and we will contact you straight away.

Finally, we recommend that you follow our blog to stay up to date with all of the news that we publish about our company, our sector and our product.