Discover the endless possibilities offered by our bias tape

bias tape trimmings

Bias tape can be used in a thousand ways. It is a versatile accessory that can be used to create elegant seam allowances, as well as to make beautiful and creative decorations.

On this occasion, we at Byetsa would like to give you some tips on how to easily and artisanally make the most attractive bias tape ornaments.

Moreover, as we have a wide catalogue of bias binding in a thousand and one colours, you can create ornaments with very different looks.

Bias tape embellishments in a thousand and one shapes

There are so many possibilities with bias tape when it comes to creating embellishments that it is impossible not to let your imagination and creativity run wild. What are the simplest and most successful bias tape embellishments? What different decorative shapes can you create with bias tape? How do you turn bias tape into each of the shapes? Get a pen and paper and take notes.

Bias tape decorations in the shape of flowers

Shaping roses or other flowers on bias tape are effortless and can be a lot of fun.

There are many ways to create these designs, but in this article from Byetsa we highlight the simplest ones.


  • First, take the bias tape you have chosen from one end. In our catalogue you will find more than, 7000 references to choose from.
  • Make a diagonal fold towards the inside.
  • From here, hold this end tightly and start to roll it up by twisting it.
  • Twist and fold it with each turn until it forms a rose.
  • Secure the end with glue, silicone or by sewing, which I recommend so that the flower does not fall apart easily.
bias tape trimmings

Petal flowers:

  • To start, prepare a series of strips of bias tape of different sizes: 6 strips of 6 cm; 6 strips of 5 cm; 6 strips of 4 cm: and another 6 strips of 3 cm, taking one centimetre off each time.

    The strips can be of the same colour or of two colours to combine later.

  • Now start with one of the larger 6 cm strips and fold it in half.
  • Use a needle with thread of your choice, and insert it into one end of this first ribbon strip that you have folded.
  • Then attach the next ribbon strip in the same way, which will be a 5 cm ribbon.
  • Continue with the 4 cm and finally the 3 cm strip, all on the same needle. If you have chosen two different colours, alternate one colour with the other.
  • Once you have finished, start inserting the other end of the ribbons on the same needle, starting from small to large and finally forming a pretty petal.
  • Repeat the same operation until you have a flower of six petals in total. Pull the thread into shape and secure it so that it does not unravel.
  • You can finish by putting a pretty ornament in the middle.
  • You can make the flowers bigger or smaller by decreasing the number of ribbons or the centimetres each one measures.

Pompous flowers:

  • This time, choose a slightly wider bias binding ribbon. You will also need several pins and a ruler for measuring.
  • Start by folding one end of the ribbon diagonally forward and secure it with a pin.
  • From the folded area, measure seven centimetres with the ruler to make the next fold.
  • Fold the same way forward and secure it again with another pin.
  • Repeat the same operation, measuring seven centimetres each time, and fold it again with a pin.
bias tape trimmings
  • Do this until you have completed two metres of bias tape in total. Using a needle and thread of the same colour as the ribbon, start sewing one edge of the ribbon on the bias binding with single stitches from one end, at the same time removing the pins previously placed.
  • When finished, pull the thread, darning the ribbon, which will take on the appearance of ruffled petals.
  • Now start twisting it around itself, starting on one side of the ribbon, forming a pretty pompous flower, and give it a few final stitches to secure it so that it doesn’t fall apart.

Bias ribbon bow embellishments

Bows always look good, they are very decorative and if you have little girls, they are sure to love them. The way to make them is much simpler, if possible, than the flowers explained above.

Super simple bows

  • You will need a pair of scissors and a bias tape in the colour or pattern of your choice, between 60 and 70 cm long.
  • In this case, you can simply shape it with your hand. Place one end of the ribbon in the palm of your hand, which is about seven centimetres.
  • Pass it between your index and middle finger, putting it over one finger and then under the other, and so on. Do this twice.
  • At the end, tuck it between your fingers, forming a knot in the middle.
  • Cut off the excess ribbon so that it is equal on both sides.

Imagination gives you the power to create decorations with bias tape

You can make as many shapes as your imagination and originality can take you. For other types of decorations, we recommend something as simple as twisting the ribbon on the bias binding to create a beautiful spiral. Another idea is to intersperse the ribbons with each other, like “weaving” them.

Where can we place the bias binding ribbon ornaments?

bias tape trimmings

You can place them on hard or elastic headbands, simply by adding or combining several of the shapes mentioned above. They can be secured by sewing or gluing. They also look nice on clips or hair clips. They are very original and can be made of printed bias tape or velvet. Another option would be to add a flower or ribbon to a safety pin and attach it to your clothes or even your handbag, where it would also look great.

If you want to test your creativity and your skills with bias tape, please contact us. Write to us at [email protected] or call us on +34 93 874 40 98.