Discover the multiple applications of bias binding

One of the most recurrent questions that customers ask themselves about tape to bias binding is what it is for. The answer is simple: it is a highly efficient material in the manufacture of fabrics and other items.

In Byetsa, we have specialized in the manufacture and commercialization of bieses since 1969, being also leaders in the Spanish market and providing our product to other latitudes of the world. Therefore, we can answer without any problem to the question: what is the tape to the bias binding?

What are the sectors in which bias binding is most used?

The bias binding is a material that was implemented in its beginnings for the most basic textile industry: to follow the edge of the fabric. However, over the years, this product has become essential for several sectors that not only require a colourful material, but must meet a series of quality parameters. Therefore, in Byetsa we conceive that the tape to the bias binding can be used especially for five sectors: fashion, home, industry, consumption and packaging.

bias binding what is it for

Bias binding: what is it for in the fashion sector?

Whether as a decorative element or as a crucial part in the manufacture of clothing, tape is a widely demanded item by small and large textile manufacturers, in addition to the jewellery and footwear industry.

bias binding what is it for

In this sense, the versatility of the bias binding means that the fashion sector can use it for the design of dresses, blouses, pants, and even in ornamental items for personal use.

However, the tapes must be carefully selected so that they do not pose a risk in the production process or to the customers who will wear such garments.

Bias binding: what is it for in the home sector?

One of the first jobs that was given to the tape to the bias binding was the manufacture of tablecloths and decorative and ornamental items for the living room, dining room or kitchen. Significantly, this practice increased as bias binding began to show new designs and types of lines that correspond to the harmony of the home.

For example, stamped bias binding is widely used to complement designs of blankets, blankets or other decorative elements. In addition, its durability after the advancement of textile production technologies has meant an increase in quality, which is pleasantly valued so that they have a prolonged use.

At Byetsa, we are aware of the importance that tape to the bias binding has for the home, so our manufacturing and marketing method has been adjusted to provide large quantities of our product to customers and meet internal and external demand.

Bias binding: what is it for in the industrial field?

Undoubtedly, the bias binding is a transversal product in the industry sector due to the different applications it has in the mass manufacture of consumer goods. Each of the sectors where tape is applied depends directly or indirectly on industry, since mass production is subject to the ability of companies to provide huge quantities of novel items and designs.

In addition to sewing, in which the bias is essential, it can be used in the manufacture of toys through prints and shapes that give a different personality to the final product. The updating of the machinery has also meant a benefit of the tape to the bias, since sophisticating the industrial models has led to simplify the production. Therefore, the inclusion of new technologies implies a qualitative leap for the industry in general, and in Byetsa we conceive it in such a way.

bias binding what is it for

Bias binding: what is it for in the consumer and packaging sectors?

Derived from the aforementioned sectors, consumption and packaging are part of the backbone of the business model implicit in tape to bias binding. Every consumer product is one that is intended for the use of private and industrial customers, so that, from clothing to the implementation of improvements in machinery, tape to bias binding has played a decisive role.

Mass production leads to a latent availability that depends on the supply and demand of products, where the tape to the bias can serve as a raw material or as part of the final article.

In addition, its decorative properties make the bias binding a perfect ally in the wrapping of gifts. His innovative designs are also an extremely advantageous element, since the price of tape to bias is usually reduced, demonstrating that the production of a low-cost consumer good can generate a substantial income.

bias binding what is it for

Find the bias binding tape you need in Byetsa

Considering the premises that support the production and application of tape to bias binding, at Byetsa, we have set ourselves the goal of progressively improving the quality and options within our catalogue.

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