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for the home textile sector

If you want to buy bias bindings wholesale to make household linen, it is important for you to spend a few minutes reading everything we tell you below. The use of bias bindings in the world of home textiles has always been a must, a real classic. The truth is that their use is widespread for making all types of pieces; from cushions and curtains to sheets and tablecloths, they are all edged with bias bindings, piping with cord and other decorative items. And thanks to the trimmings of the bias, they can give a distinctive touch to creations for an exceptionally low cost.

Byetsa, és una indústria fundada al 1969, i des de llavors està especialitzada en la fabricació de cintes al biaix.

Des del seu inici ens hem adaptat constantment a les tendències del mercat amb una progressiva mecanització i automatització dels nostres processos productius. Gràcies a aquesta evolució i a una completa informatització de les seccions, hem aconseguit una òptima capacitat de producció que ens permet oferir un servei àgil i professional a tots els nostres clients.

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Bias bindings in our home: a basic piece for textile items

When it comes to choosing bias bindings to make textile products for the home, it is especially important to bear lighting in mind since bias bindings are also widely used in this area. Each room in our homes; bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, etc. has products with bias bindings.

We often don’t even notice the bias bindings that surround us in our day-to-day, that’s for sure. At Byetsa, we have a wide range of bias bindings available for you given that we work with a long list of materials, colours and designs: polyester, cotton, elastic, patterned, Satin, Lame, Vichy…

Aplicacions en el carrusel plantejat + virtuts de Byetsa en aquest sector

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Byetsa Bias Bindings Catalogue

If you would like personalised advice and more information about our bias bindings…

If you want to buy bias bindings wholesale from our company but you have a query or question, you should know that we have always been characterised for offering a close, personalised and very professional service to our entire portfolio of customers. You just need to call us on +34 93 874 40 98 or send us an email to info@byetsa.es. If you prefer, you can also complete the contact form that you will find on this website.

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