Bias for industrial sewing of all types of textile parts

During the last years we have computerized and automated our production systems of bias binding for industrial sewing, achieving a 100% integrated production and being able to meet all the demand that involves covering the needs of the industrial sector throughout the country without any problem.

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For which industrial sectors do we usually make our sewing bias binding?

Our sewing bias binding dies give our customers peace of mind; over the years, we have sold our sewing bias binding dies to a long list of industry sectors, ranging from the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sector to the automotive and aeronautical world, from the sports industry to the pet industry.

For the industrial sector, you will find in our wide catalogue different models such as fluorescent bias tapes in different colours (yellow, orange, red or green), reflective tapes made with 3M “scotchlite” fabric, nylon tapes and the newest in Byetsa which are the glow tapes. Do not hesitate to have a look at our tape models

But, on the other hand, we would also like to highlight another of the large industrial sectors with which we usually work regularly; we are talking about the childcare sector, where the wide variety of children’s fabrics in our collection of colours, shapes, prints, materials… is a great asset to convince our customers.

We work with and sell a wide range of prints in organic cotton fabrics; think that for the little ones of the house, we always look for the best. These are bias ribbons made of fabrics that are free of harmful substances such as lead or arsenic and that the little ones are not at risk and that all of them have the OEKO-TEX guarantee. These products are environmentally friendly and free of allergens and therefore suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skins such as babies, children or atopic without risk of being able to suffer chafing.

Byetsa bets on the latest technology for the manufacture of its products.

We are aware that the industrial sector needs the most cutting-edge materials and models of bias strips on the market, and that is why we at Byetsa implement the latest technologies in the manufacture of our products. We have incorporated mechanization, automation and computerization of our production systems and adapting production processes to the revolutionary Industry 4.0. A type of industry, for which we bet from Byetsa and which mainly highlights greater flexibility and individualization of manufacturing processes and that we make a clear focus on sustainability. 

Byetsa is your company specializing in the manufacture of bias tape wholesale, you will have the best quality products, personalized advice and tailored to the needs of your industry. We combine the manufacture of our product traditionally, with the latest technology to improve our production lines. We manufacture our bias tapes in very narrow strips. The fibres of the fabric are at 45º to the length of the strip, in this way we provide more elasticity and fluidity to the product. It is a technique that greatly facilitates its application in both straight and curved lines. Our pieces are worked with a cut that is studied millimetre by millimetre and this means that we can adapt it to whatever the customer requests, from the minimum, which is 6 mm, to the whole piece.

The bias strips you want will be in your industry or business quickly. We have a large stock with more than one hundred and fifty thousand products in our warehouse in Manresa, this allows us to serve our orders quickly and offer the market an extensive catalogue offer.

Do you have any questions about our industrial sewing bias binding?

At Byetsa we have always been clear that our work begins by listening to our customers and identifying their needs. We like to offer a friendly, close and personalized treatment, helping you to make the right decisions in everything that has to do with our bieses. If you have any questions or would like one of our sales representatives to give you all the detailed information about any of our biases or services, just call us on +34 93 874 40 98 or write to us at [email protected]. If you prefer, you can also fill in the contact form that you will find on this website.