Bias tapes for home products

Purchase bias tape wholesale for the home textile sector

If you want to buy bias tapes wholesale for the textile home clothing manufacturing, it’s important that you take two minutes to read everything we’ll tell you next. The use of bias tapes in the home textile world has always been a “must”, a classic.

The truth is that their use is widespread for making all kinds of pieces; from cushions and curtains to sheets and tablecloths, they are edged with bias tapes, piping with cord, and other fantasies. And thanks to the supply of the bias, a distinctive touch can be given to creations at a very low cost.


Bias are a basic piece for textile manufacturing

When the time comes to choose your bias tapes for the manufacture of textile products for the home, it is very important to take into account the world of lighting, as it is also a significant consumer of bias tapes. And it’s because every space in our homes — the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, etc. — incorporates products that include biases.

Many times, we surely don’t even realize how surrounded by biases our daily lives are. At Byetsa, we offer a wide variety of bias tapes at your complete disposal, as we work with a long list of materials, colors, and designs: polyester, cotton, elastic, printed, Satin, Lamé, Vichy

Don’t hesitate to incorporate bias tape into your designs, and you’ll see how it gives them a unique and different touch that will give an identifying distinctive to your home sector brand compared to your competition.

We are a bias tape supplying company with a catalog of over 7,000 references and with extensive experience of over 50 years. Since our foundation in 1969, we have been adapting and updating to the new trends set by the industry, staying at the forefront of bias tape designs.

Wholesale bias tape for all types of home sector businesses

No matter if your company is an industrial player in the home sector or if, on the contrary, it’s a small-scale business, at Byetsa, we take care of our customers and offer them all the references tailored to their needs. We specialize in wholesale bias tapes. 

Are you already familiar with our two registered brands?

  • Fany is our brand focused on wholesalers, distributors, haberdasheries, and small garment workshops. Enjoy our wide variety of bias tapes for your home products.

  • You will find bias tapes of all kinds, don’t forget that we have a warehouse with one hundred and fifty thousand units, which allows us to quickly supply you with the desired product.

  • At Byetsa, we offer retail companies a roll or reel format ranging from 5 to 25 meters, according to the needs your business may encounter. Discover our bias tape models with just one click.

bias cut creation
bieses y cintas mercería
  • Byor is the Byetsa brand dedicated to the marketing of large-format industrial biases. We have an extensive catalog of references that includes various materials, designs, types of cuts, and formats.

  • Additionally, we even offer customization for your company’s bias tape, we can do it with your business logo or preferred phrase, you just have to contact us.

  • Byor offers various types of presentations, industrial rolls, and reels ranging from 50 to 200 meters, aimed at the industrial manufacture of products for the home sector such as curtains, blinds, cushions, lampshades… in short, everything you can imagine.

At Byetsa, quality is one of our main priorities. All our products come with a quality guarantee and are certified by OEKO-TEX, a certification based on a rigorous testing system that awards an ecological label, ensuring that the level of harmful substances for health has been controlled throughout the manufacturing process.

If you want to receive personalized advice and more information about our bias tapes…

If you want to buy bias tape wholesale from our company but have any doubts or questions, know that we have always been known for offering a close, personalized, and very professional service to all our clients. Just give us a call at +34 93 874 40 98 or email us at [email protected]. If you prefer, you can also fill out the contact form available on this website.