We are a leader in the production and trade of
wholesale bias bindings

If you have a haberdashery and need to buy bias bindings wholesale, at Byetsa we would like you to spend five minutes looking at everything we can do for your business.

From our beginnings we saw haberdasheries as a place where we could grow and evolve, and over time this has proven to be true. Nowadays we are a global and international supplier of bias bindings.

With the support of the most trusted stockists and distributors that we have in each country, we manage to cover each territory without any problems, offering a wide range of items to satisfy the needs of the consumer and garment making market.
All of this with an unbeatable service, both in terms of speed and quality and efficiency.

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We have a large
stock of bias bindings for haberdasheries and workshops

Thanks to the high level of items in permanent stock service that we have, we can dispatch our customers’ orders quickly and thereby meet their needs without any issues whatsoever and without any headaches for them.

Nowadays at Byetsa we have more than 700 m² of storage space for the stock of haberdashery items, with more than 6000 products permanently in stock.

All of this is thanks to the computerisation of our production plant carried out over recent years, which has enabled us to be more efficient, fast, environmentally friendly and to offer, at the same time, the best quality bias bindings.

We have a wide range of bias bindings from the most common cotton and polyester ones to classics such as Vichy, patterned or lamé ones.

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Do you have any questions about our bias bindings?

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