Our company Byetsa has been offering a wide variety of industrial bias tape and bias for haberdashery for years. Throughout our fifty years of history we have specialized in this sector and thanks to this, we are one of the best manufacturers in the bias market. 

The fundamental values of our company are quality, dedication to service and experience in the sector. 

All these years we have researched and new technologies have allowed us to evolve and develop our industry to a great extent. We have become an essential company, since the manufacture of bias tapes in a traditional way has allowed an improvement of the production lines and our increase in orders.

The bias tapes can be both for sewing by machine and for being able to carry out this activity manually. 

This type of tapes are used to fix different clothes, belts or bags. They are also in charge of adapting the different fabrics to be able to carry out new crafts or design the decoration of your home.

Industrial Bias Tape

¿Industrial bias tape: which sectors use it?

Within the world of fashion, haute couture, home, consumption and the textile sector, Byetsa has managed to differentiate itself by becoming the best suppliers of industrial bias tapes. New technologies and the latest trends have always allowed us to get to know and adapt to the needs of our customers, both for big brands and small workshops. Our bias tapes are present in countless lines and very diverse sectors. 

Industrial Bias Tape

We have managed to expand our production for a wide variety of customers who are fully willing to buy bias bindings in bulk. This is because we are specialists in the manufacture of bias tapes, in different models and very original styles.

Our main function is to take care of offering our customers a wide variety of products. The trust they place in us is very important, because it helps us to be a good point of reference in the sector. In the same way, we have at your disposal more than 7,000 references already prepared and ready to send.

In our company we have specialized thanks to the constant improvements and innovations within our production chain. Both in Spain and in Europe, many companies fully trust us.

Industrial bias tape made with the best raw materials

It has been a long road: from more than 70 years ago in our beginnings to the present. Since then, our main line of business has been the production of bindings for industry and haberdashery. 

Thanks to the automation of the production process, at Byetsa we can perfectly cover all the needs of our extensive client portfolio.

In the same way, our wide variety of children’s fabrics is a great asset for companies and clients, working with a wide range of prints on organic cotton fabrics, keeping in mind that the best is always sought for the smallest of the house. 

Those most popular types of bias tapes on the market are always in the Byetsa catalogue.

Industrial Bias Tape

Byetsa industrial bias tape: maximum quality guarantee

In our company we give the same importance to large companies in the textile industry, haute couture workshops, and small workshops and clothing manufacturers. For this reason, our clients love us because we take any client seriously, no matter how small.

In the same way, we strongly believe in the exhaustive quality control of our fabrics through rigorous checks that have been specifically designed to identify and avoid any possible divergence of color or tonality in all our fabric batches. In addition, we assure you original and unique designs.

Thanks to the great references of our customers, more and more brands join us and decide to buy our biases wholesale. We guarantee that choosing Byetsa’s industrial bias tape will be a totally safe bet for the development of textile confections, clothing and home decoration.

More information about our wholesale industrial bias tape

Industrial Bias Tape

It is possible that you still have doubts about what we have explained to you or that you want to obtain more information about our wholesale bias tapes.

If you want to receive much closer and totally personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us by mail, the form that you will find on our website or by phone +34 93 874 40 98.