Buying bias tape with lace from Byetsa is synonymous of quality. From our company we work every day to be updated, betting on innovation without forgetting the background that 50 years of experience in the sector give us. We take maximum care of all our products, including the bias tape with lace that you can find in a wide assortment within our catalogue to meet the needs of our customers, both in the industrial sector and in its distribution to haberdasheries. 

Buying bias tape wholesale with Byetsa is a safe bet, we already take maximum care of the quality of our products, in addition to providing you with a close and personalized treatment that allows us to attend to all your requirements.

cinta al biaix amb punta

What  can bias tape with lace be used for?

bias tape with lace

Anyone familiar with textile manufacturing or the world of sewing is aware of the practicality of bias tape. But its uses are multiple, from finishing textile pieces to others such as its use in crafts such as scrap booking or patchwork. 

One of the most widespread uses of this material is the use in the home decoration elements, like a pillows, towels, sheets, or table linen. Nor should we forget the use of bias tape in commercial activities like packaging, where attention to detail and quality can make a difference. About this, bias tape, and more specifically, bias tape with lace, lends special attention to detail and delicacy to all tasks where is’s used.

What do Byetsa lace bias tapes offer?

Taking a look at our catalogue is enough to verify the variety of our products, which cover all imaginable shades. We have designs for all tastes, from the most classic, plain or geometric prints, to more daring ones, with drawings or geometric prints with daring colour combinations. We can also ensure the high quality of our products, subject to exhaustive controls. 

Whether you are looking for bias tape to trim or to serve as a decorative element, you will find what you are looking for, from the classic bias tape with matching lace, applicable to almost any piece, through satin bias tape, which will give a sophisticated look to his creations, or our original and various patterned ribbons. 

All of them endowed with a special delicacy by having the lace that gives them a detailed point that will make the difference of any garment or piece in which they are applied.

Our catalogue of bias tapes with lace

At Byetsa, we have two well-defined product lines, designed to adapt to the needs of our customers. On the one hand, we have the Fany line, aimed at a format for sale in haberdashery, and on the other, the Byor line, intended for industrial use. The Fany line is presented in 25 meter long tape reels, while the second, Byor line, is delivered in 100 meter reels.

In both lines, we find a wide variety of bias tape with lace, covering a wide variety of shades, materials, and patterns. Thus, in both distribution lines we have plain models, made in a cotton and polyester blend with matching lace, as well as satin bias tape with lace. We have models with classic prints, such as Vichy, with different check sizes and available in the full range of colours, or polka dots.

Moreover, other more striking ones, such as the Fancy or Duna models, with a floral print and lace combined with the range of colours, the Stars model with a star print, or the fun Fruit model, with different fruit prints and lace to match said print.

We cannot fail to highlight the bias tapes designed for textile or craft work aimed at children’s use, with pastel colours and delicate prints that accentuate their delicacy with lace that matches with the tape’s pattern.

bias tape with lace

Byetsa: always at your disposal

At Byetsa, we have a large stock of bias tape with lace and a completely personalized service, so we will be happy to assist you. Therefore, if you have any questions or want to comment any aspect of our catalogue, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us at +34 938 74 40 98 or email us to [email protected].