Discover the extent of Byetsa’s commitment to the environment

How to minimize the carbon footprint is one of the most important challenges facing companies today. Minimizing the impact of the manufacture of any product on the environment can sometimes be a complex task. Consumers value sustainability more and more every day and this conditions them enormously when it comes to choosing which companies will be their suppliers of goods or services.

how to minimize carbon footprint

At Byetsa, we are no strangers to this paradigm shift. In fact, we have been working hard for years to develop our bias tape catalogue considering how to minimize our carbon footprint.  In our company, we do not focus on sustainability and conscious production and consumption as a marketing gimmick, we do it out of conviction. In fact, we have been doing so for many years now. 

How to minimize your carbon footprint? With our bias binding “made in Barcelona”

The enormous variety and types of bias tape that we manufacture at Byetsa can be labelled “made in Barcelona”. This is because our suppliers are all located within a range of 5 to 100 kilometres from our production plant. This proximity allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, as less fuel is consumed than if the raw materials were sourced from other countries.

This proximity to our suppliers is part of the GLOCAL philosophy, which means: think global, act local.

How can we minimize our carbon footprint? With sustainable packaging

how to minimize carbon footprint

Not generating any type of waste in the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of bias binding for the industrial sector and for haberdasheries is very difficult. The packaging with which the products are distributed is the link we can play with to reduce the environmental impact. In fact, it has become very fashionable to try to reduce packaging with unnecessary plastics or the use of more sustainable materials such as cardboard.

For us, at Byetsa, this is nothing new or a trend we should join. It’s something we already have in our DNA: we were pioneers in using cardboard packaging in our haberdashery product ranges forty years ago.

How to minimize your carbon footprint? With proper waste management

Minimizing the carbon footprint in any manufacturing or production process also involves managing waste correctly and sustainably. At Byetsa we are well aware of this and that is why we send the waste resulting from our manufacturing process to be recycled so that it can be used in the manufacture of other fabrics. And not only this, but we have the ECO-TAX certificate and the ECOEMBES certificate that guarantee our optimal sustainable production and our correct waste management.

What is the ECO-TAX certificate?

This certificate guarantees and verifies that no harmful substances are used in textiles or in any of the production stages of a product.

ECO-TAX guarantees that no chemical substances listed in the list of substances harmful to health and the European Chemicals Regulation are used. The products are subjected to various tests before they are certified.

For customers, the fact that all Byetsa products have this certificate means that they do not have any harmful effects on their health.

What is the ECOEMBES certificate?

The ECOEMBES certificate guarantees the efficiency of the waste management model used by the company, in this case, Byetsa.

At Byetsa, we take care of the environment, and we are committed to sustainable production

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