Buying wholesale bias binding at Byetsa is synonymous with guarantee

2021 is coming to an end, and it has been a year of great satisfaction for us at Byetsa. We have managed to expand our production for a wide variety of sectors willing to buy wholesale bias binding. This is because we are specialists in the manufacture of bias tape, in all its variants and modalities.

We offer our customers an always available stock of more than seven thousand references and around one hundred and fifty thousand units of finished products ready for delivery.

buy bias binding wholesale

The diversification of our bias tape catalogue has allowed our customers not only to buy bias tape for fashion, but also to buy bias tape for packaging, among the various sectors that form part of Byetsa’s loyal clientele.

We work with five major sectors, including fashion and fashionable clothes, home, industry, consumer, and packaging. Depending on the sector we focus on, many countries have opted for our products.

Byetsa and the industrial sector: fifty years buying bias binding wholesale

It has been a long road from our beginnings in the 70s to the end of this 2021. Since then, our main line of business has been the production of bias binding for industry. Thanks to the automation of our plant, in Byetsa we can perfectly cover all the needs of our wide portfolio of customers in the industrial sector: PPE production, automotive, aeronautics and childcare.

Our wide variety of children’s fabrics is a great asset for companies and customers, working with a wide range of prints in organic cotton fabrics, knowing that for the youngest members of the family we constantly look for the best. The most popular types of bias tape on the market are always in Byetsa’s catalogue.

Byetsa is already a reference in the fashion and home sectors

buy bias binding wholesale

At Byetsa, we give the same importance to the big fashion partners as we do to small workshops and garment makers, including fashionable clothes. This trust has made us a benchmark for the sector, and more and more brands from all over the world are deciding to buy our bias binding wholesale. Betting on our bias binding for textile and garment manufacturing is synonymous with guarantee.

Our bias binding tapes are in high demand in home furnishing products. Our bias binding can be found on sheets and tablecloths, as well as on cushions, napkins, and other household items. Always highlighting the elegance, beauty, and tradition of any piece traced with our bias binding ribbons.

Our production allows us to distribute to the five continents, where we offer personalized advice on the choice of bias binding if necessary.

Haberdashery and packaging also buy bias binding wholesale from Byetsa

We have always found in haberdashery a place to grow and evolve, until we got to where we are today. This has allowed us to become a global and international supplier of bias tape. Six thousand references permanently stocked with an unbeatable service about speed and efficiency. In fact, our commitment to this sector is so great that we have our product line designed and manufactured for haberdasheries: Fany

The last important sector to rely on our services is packaging. This has been possible thanks to the constant evolution that we have ensured both for our bias binding machines and for our machinery. We have mastered all contemporary printing techniques in the packaging sector, such as screen printing and sublimation, as well as embossed and metallized printing on the biases or hot cutting.

Byetsa stands for quality and guarantee in bias ribbons

In 2021, our presence has already been consolidated throughout the European continent and our international exports, with the passage of time, are increasingly larger and more diverse. 

We have tried to be present at the most essential national and international trade fairs, a factor that has allowed us to get to know and adapt to all the trends that have emerged. At these events, we have presented our range of bias tapes wholesale to potential customers who are extremely interested in the quality of our products.

At Byetsa, we are sure to have a proposal for your company in each of these sectors. If you want to consult us about our tapes or services, you can fill in the web form, call us on +34 93 874 40 98 or write to us at [email protected]. Your company can rely on the professionalism of our team and the quality of our products.