International exports as a manufacturer of bias binding tape

manufacturers of bias binding tape

As a result of more than fifty years of experience – we started at the end of the sixties and we are still working today – we have been expanding our client base and our exports to become a worldwide benchmark company, with a large portfolio of clients who use or sell our bias binding tapes practically all over the world.

Indeed, today, depending on the sector we focus on, there are many countries that have opted for our products: England, France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Italy, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Hungary, United States, Mexico, Greece, Slovakia, Norway, Lithuania, Morocco, Switzerland

We export to the fashion sector in some countries, to the haberdashery sector, or to industrial production in others, but it is undeniable that our presence has already been consolidated throughout Europe, and our international exports are becoming larger and more diverse over time. 

What sectors have opted for Byetsa in Spain and Europe?

Byetsa works with five major sectors, including fashion and haute couture, home, consumer industry and packaging.

For example, our growth over the years in the world of fashion and haute couture has been exponential; we have tried to attend the most relevant national and international trade fairs, which has allowed us to learn about and adapt to all the emerging trends, both for major brands and for small factories; our bias binding is used in countless different lines and pieces of clothing – shirts, dresses, footwear, school uniforms, etc. – and is even used to make jewellery. 

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This is thanks to our outstanding professionalism, the quality of our distribution service, and our fabrics, as well as the flexibility and permeability that we have demonstrated year after year within this sector.

manufacturer of bias binding tape

The same applies in the textile sector, if we concentrate on the manufacture of household linen, as our bias binding has been used for all kinds of products: cushions, curtains, tablecloths, sheets, etc., adding an extra touch of elegance and quality which, for many manufacturers, is now essential. 

On the other hand, within the household sector, the world of lighting is also an important consumer of bias. And the truth is that each room in a house, whether it is the bathroom, the living room or the kitchen, to give some practical examples, usually has products made or finished with bias.

We also have many years of experience in the consumer sector; since the very beginning we saw a path in haberdashery that, over time, has proved to be of vital importance to us – we even have a specific brand, FANY, specifically dedicated to supplying our bias binding to this type of business and factory. It is important to highlight the fact that we have a permanent “stock service” that allows us to dispatch our customers’ orders in a short period of time – we dedicate more than 700 m² of warehouse space to haberdashery products, with more than six thousand items in stock at all times.

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Let’s finish with another key sector for our company, the industrial sector; thanks to constant improvements and innovations within our production chain, we have become a reliable partner for many industries, both in Spain and in Europe, who see us as a leading manufacturer of bias tapes. Our biases are present in personal protective equipment (PPE), in the automotive and aeronautical world, in the sports and pet industry and in childcare, among other sectors. 

Fabricantes de cintas al bies para la industria

And over the last few years, we have tried to broaden our horizons even further, covering the needs of sectors such as the packaging industry. This has meant having to learn all the tricks of the trade for this sector, such as screen printing and sublimation, as well as relief printing and bias metallisation, or hot cutting.

We have achieved this by strictly controlling our processes and through a strong commitment to the constant modernisation of all our machinery. 

If you belong to one of these sectors or have questions to ask us about our tapes or services, just take a few seconds to fill in this form and you will hear from our sales department very shortly. Choosing Byetsa means choosing quality, professionalism and the best techniques for making bias binding tape. Make no mistake about that!

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