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bias tape manufacturers

From our humble beginnings in the late sixties, Byetsa has experienced more than five decades of commitment and dedication in the textile world. This trajectory has allowed us, over time, not only to expand our customer base but also to strengthen our position in international exports, consolidating ourselves as a world reference company.

Today, our brand resonates in distant corners of the world. Countries as diverse as England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, the Dominican Republic, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the United States, Mexico, Greece, Slovakia, Norway, Lithuania, Morocco and Switzerland, among others, trust and bet on quality of our bias tapes. Depending on the country, our products are present in the fashion sector, haberdashery or industrial production.

It is undeniable that our brand has left an indelible mark on the entire European continent. And with each passing year, Byetsa’s international exports grow not only in volume, but also in diversity, reflecting our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to the changing demands of the global marketplace.

What sectors have opted for Byetsa in Spain and in Europe?

Fashion and haute couture

Byetsa works with five large sectors, including fashion and haute couture, home, industry, consumption and packaging.

For example, within the world of fashion and haute couture, our growth over the years has been exponential; We have tried to be present at the national and international reference fairs, a factor that has allowed us to get to know and adapt to all the trends that have been emerging, both for big trademark as for small workshops; our biases are present in countless different lines and pieces of clothing –shirts, dresses, footwear, school uniforms…– and are even used to make jewelry.

This is thanks to our high degree of professionalism, the quality of our distribution service or our fabrics, as well as the flexibility and permeability that we have shown year after year with this sector.

Bias manufacturers in Spain
bias tape manufacturers


In the textile field, especially with regard to household linen, the presence of our bias tapes is unavoidable. These details have been integrated into a wide variety of products, from cushions to curtains, tablecloths and sheets, giving each piece a distinctive touch of elegance and quality. This elevation in design and tailoring has made our bias tapes an essential component for many manufacturers.

In addition, home sector covers more than clothing and decoration; the world of lighting has greatly benefited from the use of bias. In fact, it is difficult to find a corner of our home, be it the bathroom, the living room or the kitchen, that does not have products enhanced or finished with the precision and aesthetics of a good bias tape. It is a palpable example of how these small details can transform and beautify our daily space.


Inside of the consumer sector we also have a long and extensive history, from our beginnings we saw a path in haberdashery that over time has proven to be of vital importance for us–we even have a specific brand, FANY, specially dedicated to supplying our bias tapes to this type of business and workshops.

But it is important to highlight that we have a permanent “stock service” that allows us to dispatch our clients’ orders in a very short time – we dedicate more than 700 m² of warehouse to haberdashery presentations, with more than six thousand references permanently stocked.

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We conclude by highlighting one of the fundamental pillars of our trajectory:the industrial sector. Through continuous optimization and innovation in our production processes, we have become a reliable and benchmark partner for countless industries, not only in Spain but throughout Europe. Our reputation is built on producing the highest quality bias tapes.

In fact, the versatility and excellence of our biases have transcended various industrial branches. They are integrated into personal protective equipment (PPE), they play a prominent role in sectors such as the automotive and aeronautical sectors, they are found in products related to sports and pets, and they are an essential piece in the world of childcare, among others. This wide range of applications is a testament to our adaptability and commitment to excellence across all industries.


In our constant search to innovate and expand our horizons, we have recently explored and embraced the demands of the packaging industry. Entering into this field has meant a rigorous updating of techniques and procedures typical of the sector.

We have trained in methods such as screen printing and sublimation, and we have mastered the arts of printing with reliefs and the application of metallic finishes on bias. In addition, we have incorporated advanced techniques, such as hot cuts , guaranteeing precision and excellence in every detail of our work.

We have achieved this thanks to a strict control of our processes and a strong commitment to the constant modernization of all our machinery.

If you belong to one of these sectors or have questions about our tapes or services, just take a few seconds to fill out this form and you will hear from our commercial department in a short space of time. Betting on Byetsa means betting on quality, professionalism and the best bias tape making techniques. Have it very clear!

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