Discover the endless possibilities of Byetsa coloured bias bindings

With an extensive tradition that dates back to 1969, in Byetsa, as a family business whose speciality is the production of bias binding that we are, you can find everything you need as a customer in terms of coloured bias bindings.

colour bias binding

In this sense, our line of coloured elastic bias bindings represents an excellent business opportunity both for its quality and for its price, so we invite you to review the characteristics of our product and discover how much we have to offer you.

Undoubtedly, with the endorsement that gives us the experience and be leaders of the market of tapes to the bias, in our offer you can find everything you need to expand your venture and work with materials of the highest quality.

What are the properties of our elastic coloured bias binding?

The growing demand for elastic coloured bias bindings has led us to sophisticate our production and marketing methods. That is why in Byetsa we have set to work to manufacture better elaborated articles and under strict manufacturing parameters.

Our elastic coloured bias ribbons are made with 97% cotton and 3% elastic. Due to their composition, they are ideal for many applications in today’s world, highlighting their versatility as their best feature.

Therefore, whether in different colours or prints, our elastic bias bindings are proof of the ability of our company to offer a wide range of quality products.

colour bias binding

Bias binding coloured tape and also with custom prints

In our catalogue, you can find coloured bias bindings or stamped bias ribbons with widths between 12 mm and 30 mm. We manufacture them with these measures because our experience shows us that they are the most used and with more application possibilities.

However, we are at your disposal, and we can manufacture bieses adapting to your requirements, so, in case you have a specific request, we will design and produce a high-quality model for you.

In addition, when it comes to their price, our elastic bias tapes are an excellent wholesale opportunity for you to expand your base of industrial or craft operations.

What applications are usually more common for elastic coloured bias bindings?

Theoretically, our elastic bias bindings are the most versatile and are used in sectors such as fashion, home, industry, crafts, and packaging.

As for fashion, bias ribbons work perfectly as additional elements in the manufacture of garments for women and gentlemen according to their design and colour. For example, elastic bias ribbons can be unicolour or combine several of them to add details to a dress, blouse, or pants. Furthermore, if you are engaged in the manufacture of tablecloths for the dining room or similar products, you can include bias ribbons of exotic colours such as ivory or shades that are elegant or serious such as a gray bias ribbon or similar colours.

colour bias binding

In this way, one of the crucial premises about elastic bias bindings is that they are extremely useful for large-scale production or for artisanal elaboration, so in Byetsa you can tell us what your ideas are, and so we can guide you in your purchase process.

Why buy our elastic coloured bias ribbons?

colour bias binding

In Byetsa, we conceive the market of bias bindings as a primary asset in the textile sector due to the various applications they have. With more than 60 years of presence in Spain and the rest of the world, our business model has been fed by the experience and progressive improvement of our articles to make them more resistant and durable. This, to improve the manufacturing process inherent in the bias bindings that are the cornerstone of our family business and without neglecting concepts such as sustainability and sustainable production of bieses.

If you are looking for elastic coloured bias bindings that do not fade or lose qualities due to the inclement passage of time, we inform you that our elastic products can be washed in different ways and are resistant to high temperatures. Thus, the tapes to the bias that are used in the elaboration of garments will have a longer useful life, constituting in this way an intelligent purchase and thought in the medium and long term for your venture.

Trust Byetsa to purchase your coloured bias ribbons

Unquestionably, as suppliers of bias bindings, we seek your well-being and comfort so that you only care about the acquisition and reception of your coloured elastic bias bindings.

Our communication and customer service channels are available to answer any questions. With the trajectory that guarantees our seriousness in the sector, in Byetsa, you can count on a supplier company that will undoubtedly meet your demand.

Our staff will guide you in your purchase process. Write to us at [email protected] or call us at 93.874.40.98. Do not hesitate to contact us!