The price of cotton tape is something that our customers ask us on a recurring basis. The tape market is not an exception that is not affected by the price increase that the market in general has suffered. Despite that, the bieses market is growing and that leads to an increase in the demand for our products, which becomes a nice challenge in the manufacture and distribution of these products.

In this way, in Byetsa, we have the most diverse options so that you can choose in detail what you require. If you want to make a purchase to finish a cotton product, you can ask us about the price of cotton tape because this can vary due to the different characteristics that make it such an appetizing acquisition in the current market, Spanish and European.

Due to the great demand for cotton bieses of all kinds, also for reasons of quality and the versatility of the models we sell, in Byetsa we offer a wide assortment of bieses of this material.  Thus, we invite you to learn more about the prices, types, and colours of cotton bias ribbons that we have for you.

What are the main characteristics of our cotton bias tape?

It is made with 100% cotton. Our bias tapes have the highest quality on the market, with great solidity and durability that will be reflected in the creations you want to make once you acquire the material. In addition, we have availability of ribbons of all colours, which makes them quite adaptable products to your needs. Whether for homemade finishes, for bath products, clothing for adults or children and furniture, the bias tape made from cotton is a star product in Byetsa.

In this way, as specially designed means for decoration and integration with various garments, in Byetsa we conceive cotton bias tape as a necessary good in the fashion and home sector, and in our store you can acquire it with total comfort and confidence. However, you should also keep in mind the estimated price ranges and other features so that you can make a smart purchase tailored to your particular requirements.

What determines the price of cotton tape?

The prices of our cotton tape are determined by the quantities and specifications of the product, as we have a wide range of them in our catalogue. However, its ranges are pocket-friendly and are an excellent option for the acquisition of products designed for the fashion and home sector. 

So, if you want to search for wholesale cotton bias tape, you just have to contact our suppliers, and you will gladly find the option that best suits your needs.

What types of cotton bias tapes do we have for you?

On the other hand, it is important to differentiate that our bias tapes have a clear differentiation, since they can not only be made of cotton, but also of cotton and polyester. This is relevant because existing price considerations vary according to the composition of the product, so you will find differences between cotton tapes and cotton and polyester tapes.

price of cotton tape

At Byetsa, we can offer 100% cotton bias tape with our Batista line. The models included in this line can be flat tape or live tape, which has a cord in tone and contrast. On the other hand, in both types of tapes we have different widths. These can be 12, 18, 25 and 30 mm, thus expanding the types of applications to which these tapes can be subjected to cotton bias. 

The versatility of our products is, therefore, a trademark of the house, but so is its durability. In Byetsa we conceive the needs of the market in terms of the acquisition of durable products and our cotton bias tapes do not escape from it.

Trust Byetsa: Over 120 custom colours and designs!

In Byetsa, we have products in more than 120 colours, so you will have a wide range to choose your favourite bias tape. Apart from our proposals of bieses in cotton, we have products made of satin, lamé, elastic or printed. We invite you to discover the other lines of our bieses catalogue.

In this sense, our bias goes through a strict preparation and dyeing in Barcelona, thus corresponding to the desired quality standards and providing various colour options in our products. From the basic to the more specific, our company has all of them for your comfort and delight. In conclusion, the tape industry is essential for fashion and the home, and our tapes are proof of this. Therefore, if you want to know the price of cotton bias tape, do not hesitate to contact us through our website, calling us at 93 874 40 98 or writing to us at [email protected].