If for this carnival you want to make a unique costume, in this article we invite you to know all the bieses and textile elements that in Byetsa we have for you. In addition to the most classic models, in our catalogue we have complete lines of the original ribbons, of all the colours you may need.

In Byetsa, we are a company deeply rooted in the textile and industrial tradition, with more than 50 years of experience. Throughout the half century that we have been making bieses, we have been updating the products in our catalogue to accompany the latest trends.

Get to know our bieses and textile elements for Carnival costumes

For anyone fond of sewing, the Carnival season is a great excuse to put all the creativity at the service of an original costume. Whether for children or adults, authenticity is always an element that cannot be missed.

Therefore, in Byetsa, we have a wide range of bieses and unique textile elements that you will want to include in your costume:

Spaghetti Batista

The spaghetti Batista tape is ideal for making the accessories of your costume. If you need to line headbands, or make bracelets, this is your best option.

bias and textile elements
bias and textile elements


The braids are one of the most versatile bieses, since they serve to give texture and volume to all your designs. They are ideal for making accessories, such as buckles, rings, headbands, bracelets, and even bag straps.


Fluorescent ribbons are perfect for those costumes that have to glow even in the dark. Among the yellow, green, orange, and pink colours that you will find in our catalogue, you can choose the one you need to give a special touch to your creation. 


This is, undoubtedly, a great option for carnival costumes. Its prints and festive tones are perfect to give the joy and colour that carnival designs require.

Piping lamé

Lamé bieses are the line of metallic bieses, which come in more than 10 different colours. Different shades of brown and gold, blue, green, pink, red and violet, are the shades that you can find in our catalogue.

bias and textile elements
bias and textile elements


If you want to make a costume that shines, then the bieses of the Glow line are your best option. You can choose different shades of gray, gold, brown, blue, pink, red, violet, green, and black. 

If you want more options, we invite you to visit the catalogue on our website. There you can find the nearly 80 alternatives of bieses collections that we have for you.

3 costume trends in 2023 that you can manufacture with our bieses and textile elements

If you have not yet decided which costume to select for this carnival, here we share the latest trends. In addition to the classics that never die, this is expected to be the year of celebrity-inspired costumes that were trending and the most popular series.

bias and textile elements

1. Shakira

Shakira’s session with Bizarrap that raised so much stir after its release by the accusations made by the Colombian singer to her ex, will be one of the inspirations for the costumes of 2023. The colours of our fluorescent bieses will help you recreate the new style that the protagonist wears in the video clip. 

2. Wednesday

The protagonist of the new Netflix production based on the series The Addams Family will be one of the undisputed trends in the costumes of this season. Wednesday uses 100% black outfits that are ideal to enhance with the dark tones of our Glow bieses.

3. The Classics

Classic costumes never go out of style, and that is why it is good to put special effort when making this type of design. For the clown costume, which is one of the most popular, year after year, our colourful bieses from the Colormetric line are indicated. Another classic in Spain is the Sevillian costume, which can be easily recreated using our Overpli Lunar bieses, in red.

Get your costume bias at Byetsa

In Byetsa we have one of the catalogues with the greatest variety of bieses of different materials, colours and designs. The common denominator of all our varied products is their quality of excellence. Therefore, when making clothes, accessories, costumes, or any other challenge you pose, you can rely on our products.

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