Printed bias tapes are one of the essential accessories for Feria dresses. Designs with polka dots are the favorites for this type of clothing, although there are also many others that can work and give a different touch to these traditional pieces.

The Feria dress, also known as a flamenco or gitana dress, has become one of the greatest representatives of Andalusian culture. Usually, it consists of a long, ankle-length, fitted dress, with ruffles on the skirt and sleeves. They are colorful garments, whose most typical print is polka dots, although there are also plain or other designs.

Therefore, bias tapes with polka dots, or those with cheerful colors, are the most chosen when making a dress of this type. In this article, we share with you which are the bias tapes with the highest demand for Feria dresses.

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The 4 most used printed bias tapes in flamenco dresses

When making a flamenco dress, its owner must make a few decisions, which depend on tastes, the use that will be given to it, and, above all, what makes them feel most comfortable.

On the one hand, there are those who opt for more dramatic designs, with leading prints, vibrant colors, and large ruffles. On the other hand, there are people who prefer simpler and sober models, but not for that reason boring.

1. Bias with Polka Dots

Bias tapes with this print are the most chosen when making Feria dresses. At Byetsa, we have 11 different colors of this design: pink, fuchsia, light green, dark green, red, orange, yellow, blue, sky blue, turquoise, and black. Thanks to our wide chromatic range, we are capable of meeting the particular needs of all our clients.

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Bies con mini fruncido decor

2. Bias with Mini Decorative Gathering

This bias is an alternative to the classic polka dots.

The great advantage it has is that it works very well when giving the movement and volume that characterize flamenco dresses.

They are ideal for use in both the ruffles of the sleeves and the skirt.

3. Flowered bias tapes

Flower prints are another recommendation for those looking for a classic style with a twist.

Red tones are the most chosen for flamenco dresses.

Bieses floreados
bieses y cintas mercería

4. Solid bias tapes

For those looking for a more classic design, solid bias tapes are a great option to contrast with the color or texture of the dress fabric.

However, it is also an interesting and sober option to incorporate bias tapes in the same tone as the rest of the garment.

Other options for bias tapes for flamenco dresses

For the most daring individuals seeking a truly unique option for their flamenco dress, mixing prints is a trend that has been seen in some of the most recognized firms that make this type of clothing.

Dresses that combine polka dot prints with floral prints have already proven to work. The recommended bias tapes to use in these eclectic designs can be of different types, although it is always advisable to ensure that the color range is similar to that of the dress prints.

The printed bias tape designs from the Ethnic collection are ideal for combining with polka dot or floral fabrics. However, plain bias tapes – that share the same color as the chosen prints – can be perfect for giving cohesion to the mix of prints.

Get printed bias tapes for feria dresses at Byetsa

The Andalusian fairs will take place between April 23 and 29, 2023. Therefore, in the case of haberdasheries, it is important to be stocked up with the bias tapes that have the most demand before those dates.

We invite you to visit our catalog to see all the options we have at Byetsa. Keep in mind that in our warehouse we have more than 150,000 units and 7,000 references available to our customers, so we are able to deliver your order at high speed.

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