If you are looking for gray bias ribbon with flowers for your spring creations, at Byetsa we have just what you need. In our large catalogue you will find the widest range with the options that are in full trend this season.

gray bias ribbon with flowers

Know our options of gray bias ribbons with flowers

The design of gray bias ribbons with flowers is ideal for a wide range of uses. For those people who want to print their identity in the home, this type of prints are ideal for use on cushions, curtains, towels, luminaire and other objects. However, during spring, bias with floral designs in gray tones are widely used to give a sober and fresh touch to the garments.

gray bias ribbon with flowers

Flower bias

This model of gray bias ribbon with flowers has two variants: one of them has flowers in pink tones that simulate a watercolour style, and the other has more defined white flowers. Although these are two very different styles, both are perfect for those looking for bieses within this range of colours. They also come with backgrounds of other shades: red, blue, light blue, black, and pink.

Floral bias

These bieses have many floral designs, some of which are more abstract than others. There are some with white background and gray flowers, while others have the gray background and white flowers. 

gray bias ribbon with flowers
gray bias ribbon with flowers


The Viella bias is one of the favourites for those looking for a gray bias with flowers. In this case, the background is white and the flowers of a dark gray tone, but, due to their size, they have a great predominance in the print. 


The Floral bias ribbon with gray flowers is another of the most popular among the ribbons with this type of design. The delicate drawing has a white background and small flowers in different shades of gray.

gray bias ribbon with flowers

Our spring bieses full of colour

In addition to the gray tones, in the Byetsa catalogue you will find a rainbow of bieses tones from which you can choose. Here are some of our favourites for spring:

gray bias ribbon with flowers
  • Sweet: These flowered bieses come in pink and light blue. Due to their design, they are perfect for spring designs.

  • Convives: This colourful print mixes flowers with butterflies, apples, and many other cheerful drawings. It comes in different colours, which gives these designs a great versatility of use

  • Bies Peque: this line of bieses is designed especially for children. With delicate pink and light blue flowers, they are perfect for use in sheets, towels, garments, and decoration of children’s bedrooms

  • Bies Viella: in addition to the gray flowers, this model also comes with print of other colours on a white background. Among them, you can opt for the colour red, blue, beige, and pink

  • Desire: With a vintage and romantic touch, this floral design is ideal for use in delicate designs. It can be found in six different colours: light blue, pink, orange, black, blue, and embroidery

  • Fancy: This bias has a design with small flowers that cover much of the white background. In our catalogue you can find it in 3 different colours (brown, red, and blue).

  • Dune: can be found in four different colours -mauve, red, blue, and beige-, all of them with a soft tone and white background

  • Floral: this model is divided into four different designs, which have two variants each. In addition to the gray flowers, there are in bluish and reddish tones

  • Flor bias: This floral bias has vibrant tones, which make it an excellent choice to use at the most colourful time of the year. You can opt for orange, yellow, red, turquoise colours and many more.

gray bias ribbon with flowers

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The bieses of our firm stand out for the quality of their materials and for their exclusive prints. We have an extensive catalogue that contains more than 80 varieties of bieses, and each of them has variations of shades and designs.

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