Bias tapes: where to buy wholesale and retail

Byetsa is a family business that manufactures bias tapes, which was founded in 1969 in the Bages region. Since our inception, many things have changed, among them, the ways of producing, technological advances and trends, are the transformations that stand out the most. 

However, there are two factors that we have managed to maintain through the more than half a century we have of history, which are the quality of all our products and the commitment we have with our customers.

Currently, we have a catalogue with more than 80 types of collections of bias ribbons, which we sell for the industrial production of all types of textile and haberdashery garments. For the former, we can provide industrial rolls and reels from 50 to 200 meters. For the latter, we offer rolls or reels from 5 to 25 meters, depending on the specific needs of the business.

bias tapes where to buy

Get to know the Byetsa warehouse: technology and innovation at the service of bieses production

The Byetsa warehouse is a space located in Manresa that has well over five thousand m² dedicated to production. Among the things that we are most proud to present, are our modern facilities, the large stock we have and make available to customers and the widely qualified staff that make up our team.

bias tapes where to buy

Modern facilities

Since our beginnings, more than half a century ago, we have been clear about the importance of adapting to new market trends, through the mechanization, automation, and computerization of all our production systems. Thus, over the years, we have been adapting our facilities to Industry 4.0.

Having modern and advanced facilities is one of the keys that allow us to meet the needs and demands of sectors as demanding as industry, mass consumption, fashion and haute couture, home or packaging. This is also the factor that has allowed us to grow and expand all over the world, thanks also to the wide network of distributors we have.


In Byetsa, we know closely the importance of having the right product to cover every need. Therefore, in our warehouse we have a large stock of bieses, which are always available to our customers. 

If you visit us, you can choose from the more than 7000 references and one hundred and fifty thousand units that we have in our headquarters located in Manresa, which has more than five thousand m² dedicated exclusively to its production.

bias tapes where to buy
bias tapes where to buy

Qualified personnel

Another of the strengths of our warehouse is constituted by our human capital, which stands out both in terms of production and customer service. These are two of the pillars that make our company stand out from the rest.

 In Byetsa, we have a staff that is made up of more than thirty professionals, who know very well how to combine tradition with innovation. In this way, our team is a great connoisseur of the history and traditional production techniques of bieses, while they are trained and master the most contemporary technologies and techniques. As a result, we can currently guarantee a monthly production of more than two million bieses.

Our sales team is also key when it comes to providing the most attentive and personalized customer service of all. In addition, in Byetsa we are characterized by being flexible, since we always seek to adapt to the needs of our customers. 

We want to be your trusted bieses wholesaler

If you are looking for a wholesaler to buy bias tapes, after showing you our warehouse and our way of working, we hope you will trust us when looking for a new supplier of bieses for your business. Through our online catalogue, you can consult all the products we have for your business.

If you are keen to know more about the history and trajectory of Byetsa, we invite you to visit our website. To answer your questions, you can contact our sales team by calling 93 874 40 98, or by emailing us to [email protected]. If you prefer, you can also fill out the form on our website.