Find high-quality bias and piping at Byetsa

Are you interested in our bias and piping? Our company Byetsa has been offering a wide variety of bias tapes for years, and we are one of the best manufacturers on the market, with a good range of references and wide variety of products.

Thanks to previous research and new technologies, the market has evolved, and we have become one of the essential companies, since the manufacture of bias tapes traditionally has allowed the improvement of production lines and our increase in orders.

What are bias tapes used for?

The bias tapes can be both for sewing by machine and for being able to carry out this activity manually. This type of profiled tape is mainly characterized by its softness and how malleable it can be. And that’s why they are used  specifically for the finish or edging on clothes, belts, or bags.

They are also in charge of adapting the different fabrics to be able to carry out new crafts such as scrap booking, design the decoration of your home or to touch up more outdated headbands and renew them.

Piping and bias tapes: what patterns and colours are available?

bias and piping tapes

Bias and vivid tape prints can be in basic colours (intense, striking and a wide variety of colours), apart from children’s styles and other styles that are more risky.

Within this category, we can find designs of flowers, polka dots, pictures, animals (leopard, zebra, tiger, snake…), similar to velvet, animal paws, with fruits and many more.

Furthermore, earth tones (yellows, browns, oranges, reds, greys, whites, and blacks) are strong trends for this spring and summer. The piping is used to decorate and reinforce the edge of garments, towels, and flounces of flamenco dresses, among others. In our catalogue you will find more than 7000 references of high-quality biases.

Peculiarities about bias and piping

To manufacture bias and piping, we use materials such as cotton or polyester. In our catalogue, we have two registered brands of bias tapes and piping:

  • Fany: brand marketed with haberdashery presentation products in small formats, being our recommendation of bias tapes for haberdashery.

  • Byor: works for articles and industrial pieces of large clothing workshops.

One of the attributes that our customers highlight the most is colour stability because there are no differences in the tonality of each batch of fabric. There are rigorous quality controls designed to avoid any divergence from the original colour. In this way, the quality of the products and the different fabrics can be assured with total peace of mind in each of the phases of the production process. In turn, flexibility, and agility in product development are guaranteed.

Bias and piping tape for multiple sectors

It’s essential to highlight the rigorous control process that is carried out in all production phases, and it’s to develop a high action-reaction capacity. In this way, it’s possible to dynamize the different preparations of the fabrics.

The sectors that most use bias and piping are fashion, home decoration, other textile garments’ industry, internationalization of the company, and as a novelty packaging.

Other types of bias tapes in our catalogue

  • Vichy Bias: they are a classic, so they are a completely safe bet. It should also be mentioned that the three types of existing designs are: chequered gingham, mini chequered gingham and striped gingham.

  • Satin bias: this is one of the most elegant and sophisticated ribbons. Its smooth structure provides a very silky and pleasant touch when passing the hand. In addition, it’s shiny and delicate appearance should be highlighted. About the composition of the fabric, it’s made of 100% polyester.

  • Bias de lamé: this type is characterized by being used in the manufacture of lurex threads in particular. This is because they give it greater brightness and a very elegant air.

  • Elastic bias: they are fabrics made with elastane that become a basic in our catalogue.

More information about our bias and piping tapes

It’s possible that you still have doubts about everything that has been exposed, or if you prefer more information about our bias and piping tapes. If you want to receive a much closer and completely personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us through the email [email protected] or by calling +34 93 874 40 98.