If you need to buy bias binding, take a look at our extensive catalogue

As specialists in the manufacture of bias binding tapes, in Byetsa we are guarantors of good service and creativity in all our presentations. Buying bias binding in Byetsa is synonymous successfully. To provide high-quality materials to all our customers, we have different types and lines of bieses that reflect the excellence of our family business.

However, in this article we want to focus on some of our products in particular, which have become a reference for our business partners. Therefore, we consider it essential that you know what we have for you in terms of the line of bieses that, undoubtedly, have helped us to make Byetsa a recognized brand in Spain and other parts of the world.

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Buy bias binding in Byetsa: what types do we offer you?

Byetsa bias binding are guaranteed to be produced under the strictest quality standards, which provides an accurate look at our manufacturing processes and the inherent durability of our products.

In this sense, as a leading company in the commercialization of bias binding, we offer you our line of articles made from cotton and polyester that, in different formats, adapt to many sectors of daily or industrial use, such as fashion, home or packaging.

The versatility of our bieses is, therefore, a brand of the house and the reason why our articles are so demanded in this demanding market. About this, our bias tapes can be exclusively made of cotton or polyester, or also with a combination of both fabrics.

The bieses of our Batista range

Therefore, we must talk inexorably about our Batista production line, which with a proportion of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, represent the perfect balance of a silky but resistant product. Without any doubt, this line is the flagship of our company, so in Byetsa we look for different presentations for you, that adapt to your needs and that can be to your complete liking.

What other types of tapes do we have for you?

Also, among our products we have available satin bias binding tapes, whose brightness is extremely attractive for different applications, giving elegance and a sophisticated version to traditional bias tapes. On the other hand, their beautiful presentation does not imply that they are not resistant, since they can be washed in various ways and have a high resistance to the heat of the iron.

Similarly, and under a similar manufacture, our extensive range of products means that you can purchase the aforementioned bias binding or lamé, Vichy or elastic tapes, where each of these have their particular characteristics.

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How is our production process, and how does it affect the quality of our tapes to the bias binding?

First, the standardization of our processes and products implies that we have measures for each of the formats present in our company. The lines of bieses that we put at your disposal are the result of decades of development in research and new technologies to provide models that adapt to the needs of the market.

For this reason, our bieses lines are designed to produce tapes with a width ranging from 12 mm to 30 mm.
These sizes are ideal if you own a haberdashery, where you can use our products without any mitigating factors, as they are perfectly usable for this sector of the economy.

However, if you, as a larger customer, have a particular requirement, our industrial presentations allow us to produce larger reels with a length of up to 200 meters.

With this in mind, our lines of bies tapes, in addition to the types previously exposed, represents a possibility of consumption for the textile industry. In this way, as suppliers and manufacturers, at Byetsa we are aware of the importance of bies tapes in the manufacture of clothing, children’s products and large-scale manufactures where our articles can be present to add a special touch.

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Buy the best bias binding on the market in Byetsa

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Consequently, the contemporaneity of our company, backed by our extensive trajectory of more than 60 years, implies that our lines of bias binding represent a product of the highest quality made under the best parameters.

Our growth in recent decades demonstrates our commitment to the tradition in the extensive use of bias tapes for different sectors of the national and global economy. For this reason, we are determined to maintain our standards of customer service and personalized guidance to buy tapes from the bias.

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