The quality of Byetsa bias binding is up to the market’s demands.

If you are looking for how to sew a top quality bias binding for the finishing of your products, Byetsa is your ideal partner. Our company has been manufacturing bias binding tapes for more than half a century, and we know the sector inside out. During these more than fifty years we have experienced first-hand the evolution of the bias binding market, and we have adapted our infrastructure to remain at the forefront of the sector. Currently, in our product catalogue, you can find all types of bias tape available on the market. If a design or model is in fashion, we manufacture it at Byetsa.

Trends have been changing, and the range of bias binding tapes offered by Byetsa has not stopped growing. We know how to sew top quality bias binding to meet the needs of our customers, whatever sector they belong to. For us, solving our customers’ needs and offering them a product of the highest quality is essential. And not only do we offer the possibility of buying the bias binding we have in our catalogue, but we also offer the possibility of manufacturing printed and 100% personalized bias binding.

how to sew a bias binding

How to sew a bias binding for industry, fashion, consumer, home, and packaging

Byetsa offers you a wide range of bias binding tapes at wholesale prices because we know how to sew bias binding for the industrial, fashion and home, consumer and packaging sectors. Our bias tapes are sold under two registered and widely recognized brands.

cómo coser un bies
  • Fany. Under this brand, Byetsa markets its bias tapes to haberdasheries. These products are distributed in small formats so that they can be sold in haberdasheries.

  • Byor. Byetsa markets large format articles to industries under the Byor brand.

In both brands we have satin, cotton, polyester, lamé, vichy, elastic, printed and customized bias ribbons.

How to sew a bias binding while taking care of the customer and the environment

Throughout these five decades, we have been accompanied by a philosophy that we have tried to instil in all our employees. We are convinced that without taking care of our customers and the surrounding environment, it would be unthinkable to get where we are today. Nor can we understand our work without doing it in this way.

For Byetsa, offering a top quality product with a flawless finish is vital. It is a large part of our purpose. We also advocate being able to offer a service that combines products in stock with total customization. We respond to any bias tape need you may have.

how to sew a bias binding

We seek the right balance to combine the knowledge acquired over the years with the most advanced technology in the textile sector. We are committed to innovation, and we are fully immersed in industry 4.0.

Not only that, but we care for the environment: our bias binding is produced sustainably. We are proud to say that the carbon footprint derived from the manufacture of our products is minimal.

We take care of every single detail of the production process and try to reduce as much as possible the unnecessary steps and journeys.

Trust in Byetsa: more than half a century sewing bias binding

If you want a reliable supplier of bias tape for your business or industry, trust Byetsa. You can contact us and tell us what your needs are. Byetsa will try to respond to your requests. Contact us by calling 93 874 40 98 or writing an email to [email protected].